Thursday, March 16, 2017

Q from Worldstar Toxicology Report Revealed

Earlier this year WorldStar Hip Hop founder Q O'Denat was found dead inside a San Diego massage parlor [click here if you missed that].

His cause of death has been disclosed and toxicology report revealed...

From The LA Times
The founder of the popular and controversial website, Lee O’Denat, died of natural causes as a result of severe buildup of plaque near his heart and obesity, according to a full autopsy report.
O’Denat, who was known as Q, died suddenly in January at a massage parlor in San Diego.
During the autopsy, the investigator found a severe buildup of plaque in his cardiovascular system as well as a metal stent near his right coronary artery. The investigators identified morbid obesity as a contributing factor. The 345-pound O’Denat also had an enlarged liver and fatty liver disease.
Toxicology tests showed the presence of cannabinoids from marijuana use but no other drugs or alcohol were detected.


Anonymous said...

Damn!!! Eat healthy black people.

The Scoop! said...

Anonymous said...
PSA: **stands on soapbox**

Like many other "celebrities" and "internet phenoms," more than likely didn't have health insurance and took no preventative medication for chronic high BP.

Prioritize people, what's 1k likes to maintaining proper health? If you have a job that doesn't provide health coverage and you have obesity, high cholesterol, HBP, mental illness, cancer, or any history of medical pathology in your family. BUY YOURSELF A POLICY!!! and spend less time on cosmetic procedures such as lipo, ass shots, and lip injections.

This includes bloggers, internet models, entertainers, promotors, hostess, plugs, and meme makers.

MS, lupus, HBP, heart disease, CHF you name it will take your socially connected ass out.

10:21 AM

Anonymous said...

^^^Skip all of that and Eat Healthy. And teach your kids to eat healthy. Illness aint hereditary. If everybody in the family eating the same shit you all will have the same damn diseases. Every disease is cureable.

Anonymous said...

Right on @10:37!

@Scoop, I used to be on hypertension aka high blood pressure medication until I started exercising....a lot of that mess can be stopped, prevented or alleviated all together with a proper & balanced diet and exercise. The medication has its own side effects soooo getting health insurance is great but it doesn't resolve the underlying issues.

Anonymous said...

There's a guy at my job about 25/26..Dude takes heart medication. Just obese.

iketernr said...


Anonymous said...

Everyone here is correct, but the 1st comment is on point. Preventative medicine is key to long life. Eating well is important but how can you do that with rotting teeth? As Chris Rock said 20 years ago, Health insurance coverage means you'll die on a mattress with some dignity.

Sidenote: You know the massage parlor ladies probably ran his pockets before they called 911. Why was he somewhere so seedy? With his money they could have come to his house.

Anonymous said...

BIG QUESTION???????????????

Anonymous said...

@12:35 THAT'S what i want to know.

All this talk about healthy eating and Insurance is ok & all

But let's go deeper

This man @ close to 350 lbs clearly didn't make healthy living a priority.

What REALLY happened?
A massage is supposed to be relaxing so why did he die there?

I never believe surface level info.

BTW There are Black bloggers all over You Tube providing healthy info, so rhe info is out there for those who need it or are looking for it

BlogBasic said...

Everything is not a conspiracy. Nobody needed Q dead. *eye roll* He didnt take care of himself. The end. Literally.

Anonymous said...

MAY WorldStarHipHop founder Q O'Denat RIP
BUT HE IS DEAD...........................
NOW, WHO???...OWNS???....WORLDSTAR HIP HOP??????????

Anonymous said...

So in other words he died because he was a fat fucking bitch!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@5:09 The trust of Lee O’Denat...Psyche, probably the Russian-Americans for Trump fund.

I seriously doubt the accuracy of $98Mil. This is the internet and like, you can buy yourself a nice figure if you tip the admin a big amount.

ie. Soulja Boy, Blac Chyna, Lil Scrapple...pleaze check out the lying ass net worth.

Anonymous said...

@1:40 Are you slow or are you dumb? lol What don't you understand about cardiovascular issues? You can be relaxed and your heart stops because there was a buildup to that point. It's not a conspiracy theory. There are many who have heart attacks in their sleep. It's due to long, progressive issues in or around their heart.

Anonymous said...

@5:19 is right. I can't stand when folks cite "Celebrity Net Worth" as a source of a person's income as if it is accurate lol That site is like Wikipedia lol

Anonymous said...

Okay does anybody know anything about a rumor that a popular gossip website may be merging with WSHH

Anonymous said...

So the weed killed him, hence giving him the serious munchies for unhealthy he ate himself to death. Oh, okay.. Gotcha!

Anonymous said...

I used to have high blood pressure. I started taking two turmeric capsules per day and it lowered my blood pressure just like that. My doctor took me off of my medication and everything. Get the organic turmeric capsules with black pepper added.

Anonymous said...

I heard rumors too @5:09pm
Some even said he was suppose to merge with mtv the day b4 he died
Good for u thinking outside the box
True people can sick and pass
But in the industry some things could be questionable when it comes to millions of dollars
Some back people are not used to wealth so they dont think outside the box

Anonymous said...

@1:04 Please say it again so 5:20 can hear you

Clearly my intellect & critical thinking skills was too much for them to handle.

So you might have to break it down in smaller words so they can understand.

@5:09 Unfortunately there are A LOT of sheep on here who believe whatever is reported via the Media.

DeepSeas said...

I wouldn't be surprised if some Jew takes over. Then you'll know his passing was not coincidental. Worldstar is international and it's thee go to for anything associated with the hip hop culture.

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