Saturday, March 04, 2017

Reggie Bush Pregnancy Confirmed

A few days ago Reggie Bush's wife hinted she was pregnant by posting baby bottle emoji's on social media while wearing uncharacteristically loose clothing [click here if you missed that].

It's official...

Paparazzi caught Reggie and Lilit working out in the park with her baby bump on full display [go here  for the pics].

Fun Fact: Last month married former Miami waitress, Monique Esposito, is alleged to have given birth to Reggie's second son [click here if you missed that].


prissa o said...

WOW. This woman is dumb af.
Zero self esteem, zero self worth.

Anonymous said...

They're married. The idiot on the side who had Reggie's illegitimate baby is dumb af with zero self esteem and self worth.

Anonymous said...

this type of shit happens in the black community everyday, i know plenty of black women in the same situation...nothing new here...move on.

Anonymous said...

These non black hoes determined to keep these black males in the poor house, and the money these black males work for, out of the black community & they damn asses too stupid to see it. Can't wait for the Messiah to come back, whom by the way for those that don't know, is a black man.

prissa o said...

@2:51 - explain how the side chick is dumb? She got in and got the check for the next 18 years. The wife has to see her husbands money get cut to pay child support - funds taken away from her household. The wife has to watch while her husband bonds with an outside baby (IF he doesn't emotionally abandon the child, which he may decide to do). If he doesn't, the wife has to accept an outside baby into her household for visits and so the outside baby will know his father & siblings and play step mama to a child conceived during their marriage. The wife also has to explain to her children how this child is their sibling but she ain't the momma. The wife will also have to deal with the side tramp playing games, throwing IG shots, and (probably) dragging them to court every few years for that child support re-up.

The wife also has to hope and pray this doesn't ever happen again or hope and pray that her dirty dix husband has enough sense to AT LEAST wear a condom if he decides to keep cheating. Finally, the wife also has to hope and pray that if her dirty dix hubby continues to cheat raw, that he doesn't bring home anything worse than a baby (such as: herpes, gonoreea, syphilis, HPV, HIV, etc).

This is why I say the wife has zero self esteem and zero self worth. Anyone who had those things would realize she DESERVES BETTER than a dirty dix, chicklet toothed coon.

But yes, your are correct, the side baby mama is a tramp and her worth can be found in her ATM of a pucci.

Anonymous said...

3:24 I have been saying this on blogs for years:
Nonblack women are taking on all our(black women) problems with black men. They are getting their asses kicked, becoming single Moms, dealing with outside babies, blatant disrespect, exposure to disease, financial ruin and they are also becoming more ghetto and ratchet. Black men have a way of bringing out the absolute worse in all women.

Anonymous said...

Wives who stays with cheaters are dumb asf but side chicks are 10 x's worse!! I'm a stepmother and my step-daughter was born a few years before I even met my husband and even though my husband is heavily involved in his daughters life; it still seems different than our children.

The kids that live with the father will see their father DAILY vs visitations. They sidechick's kid will never have the opportunity to have their father AND mother to DAILY help with homework, give baths, read bedtime stories, eat together etc..... They are dumb asf if they knowingly have a child by a married man. A million dollars a day can NEVER compensate being around a father via visits vs everyday! #FACT

Anonymous said...

It's a sad situation for ALL involved, as 8:57 & 4:02 so eloquently put it. Good job Reggie, you really fucked shit up!

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