Monday, March 27, 2017

Rihanna Flaunts Her Remy Ma Alliance

Last week pop star Rihanna raised eyebrows after unfollowing Nicki Minaj on Instagram leading fans to believe she was choosing sides in the Nicki Minaj / Remy Ma beef [click here if you missed that].

Rihanna makes it clear she is definitely #TeamRemy...

Over the weekend Bad Gal RiRi was spotted on Instagram 'liking' Remy Ma pics.


Anonymous said...

Hmm...I wonder what happened that EVERYONE is turning on NM? Celebrities rarely handle their own social media accounts so that means Rhianna, Trey Songz, Rick Ross's management all got the go-ahead or are coordinating their efforts to go in on Nicki. Open season indeed...

Anonymous said...

Rih deals with the real. Remy. Barz

Anonymous said...

Protect your children...missing children in Washington D.C. Black lives matter!

Anonymous said...

All lives matter.

Anonymous said...

12:50 ~ All lives do matter, but in this instance we're talking about an already marginalized group who gets little to no media attention when they go missing. If you were trying to add something to keep it positive and it fell flat, keep trying. If you were trying to troll, troll harder because it was corny, unimaginative, and predictable. I'm sure there's a Stormfront forum where you can get the attention you desperately seek. Pathetic means "deserving of empathy" and I truly do wonder how sad things have become for you to troll Black blogs on some shenanigans. Get help and God Bless.

Indi_flo said...

Real recognize Real

Anonymous said...

Who's to say that Rih was ever cool with Nicki to begin with? They're not labelmates and have nothing in common.

EXCEPT, according to Remyma they both fucked Drake. But Nicki lied on her pussy.

I respect anybody who has who has Jay AND Keyshia Cole in her contact list. Remy treats the CEO like the janitor. Plus, you never know when you might need a fish plate.

Anonymous said...

12:50 PM Your life don't matter.

Sunni Daze said...

Before the beginning of summer a new queen will be crowned and its gonna be Remy. She is the IT girl now.

Anonymous said...

All Remy did was Snitch on a bunch of people on Nas' beat at that to attack Nicki iut of Pure- dee jealousy.

I have NO Respect for that

Rhi is cool but Remy can go

Anonymous said...

3:19 - Try again: “It was the behind-the-scenes things that you people would never know about,” explained Remy. “As far as trying to keep me off red carpets, and trying to make sure awards don’t go to me, or she’s not gonna be in attendance or trying to get people to make bad reports about my album sales or just anything that I’m doing. Trying to make me look less and her look better. And I have a problem...when you’re trying to stop me from taking care of my children, then I have a problem with that.”

That sounds like Nicki is the petty, minimally talented person with a horrible attitude in this situation.

Anonymous said...

She "liked" something...who really gives a flying fuck...I mean do adults actually give a fuck that Rhi liked her pic? When she gets on a remix with Remy, let me know, but her liking a fucking pic...FOH

Anonymous said...

@4:10 Exactly

@3:52 from 3:19

#1 I stand by my comment

#2 I KNOW that you are the same female that was stalking my comments on that other thread yesterday about Tiny & TI's side chick

#3 I guesss I should take you choosing to be a "Fan" as a compliment :)

So how long have you been WORKING for RWS?

Uh- huh, I see you LoL

Anonymous said...

4:49 ~ I don't care for TI or Tiny and I think you might have an over-inflated sense of self. I'm not a Remy fan or a Barb, but I do hate alternative facts (like the "fact" that Nicki was anything but a loser in this situation.) Either way, good luck to you and have a great day! (And who uses the term "female" in this context? Nevermind, I have an idea.)

Anonymous said...

^^^ @ 5:01 Whatever, YOU are Busted !!!

You always expose yourself...

And you ALWAYS respond in 15 minutes or less

What a "coincidence" ????

Self absorbed...NAH. just good insight.
Just like yesterday, remember?

BTW I CHOSE to use the word "Female" instead of the "B" word because thst is the Level I'm on. ( so Think higher, if you can )

Lastly, I KNOW thay you are reading this.

Busted AGAIN... Fix your face

LoLoLoLoL Buh- Bye

Anonymous said...


Forgive me, it was hard to laugh and type at tge same time...

But seriously, YOU are a Fan of my comments by virtue of your choosing to "Challenge" me EVERY time my IP address pops up on any thread.

Like, who are you kidding ???

Plus you always lie when you try to Deny which makes it EVEN more obvious. Serously

BUT i will give you credit for trying to "switch it up" and use ~ instead of -.

It didn't work but you get a A for effort.

This was the BEST laugh that I've had all day

Even BETTER than yesterday's,

Thank You

Anonymous said...

But 5:42, I assure you're I'm not the mystery commenter. Just because I disagree with your stance on Nicki Minaj's "L" doesn't mean there's a conspiracy of commenters focused on you. I won't engage again and don't know why I'm doing so now. I will say that in this age of "alternative facts" and delusion, it bothers me that people make up narratives and run with them (i.e. A person who harbors alleged pedos and puts out garbage bars is worthy of "following." I'm from LA and don't really follow Atlanta gossip, but how much you're talking about that Tiny thread I need to go look!

Anonymous said...

I KNEW that you would mot be able to resist.
You can't help yourself...

And you are a horrible Liar
( which is a good in a way )

We BOTH know why you are engaging...
It's because YOU are shocked and embarrassed just like on yesterday. Just worse.

There is no conspiracy theory...only TRUTH

You know...that thing that your Pride absolutely Refuses to acknowledge.

Uh- huh that.

I am making anonymous comments about what I KNOW that you are doing.

You are denying it and responding because you are guilty...that's it & that's all.

Hence your neef to be defensive & deflect with sarcasm

It's not a mystery at all.

BTW I see you purposely waited more than 15 minutes to respond this time...LoL

See you on the next thread...

Because I know that you are going to try me again...& try to disguise it.

It's all good.
I'm all for a healthy exchange of thought
But don't like stalkers, that's all.

Keep it light-hearted

God Bless You

Anonymous said...

Oh and 1 more thing...

You don't need to "Go Look" at yesterday's TI/ Tiny thread because you KNOW exactly what was said and the content of ALL responses.

So miss me with that bullcrap

Nice try, you get another A for effort.

Again, God Bless you

Anonymous said...

Well, Nicki has a reputation as being a super duper it's not that hard to imagine why even some in the industry has turned on her. Maybe they've always felt this way and Remy had the guts to put it all out there. Some people need to be brought down a few pegs and brought back down to Earth. #RemyAllDay

Anonymous said...

What had happened, Y'all is Nicki just so happened to have run across a bigger Bitch than herself. When Nicki said...Bitch, bow down...Remy said...Bitch, make me?!!! Ha!!!

Anonymous said...

Remy won the battle

BUT Nicki is winning the War

Remy's Credits:

Local rapper in the game since 2000
Affiliated with Fat Joe
1 Good Diss Track
Followed up by 2nd Wack Diss Track
Desperately wants the crown

Felony record for shooting first & asking questions later (stupid IMO)
Less marketable Tom-boy
Begged Nicki for a Response

Nicki's Credits:

International POP star
Numerous Hit Records
Affiliated with other Major Rap stars
Current Holds the crown

Brutally attacked on Shether
Chose NOT to respond (Smart IMO)
Known for stealing former Rap queens style

Yeah, that sums it up.

When Remy becomes a star
Please let me know

Anonymous said...


Nicki's not winning any "war" lol there IS no war so stop repeating that bullshit. Remy don't have to be a star, the whole world seen Nicki get dragged and that will be remembered in Hip Hop. Nicki has no current hit records so her fame and money can dwindle...quickly. Don't believe me just watch.

Anonymous said...

I remember a number of years ago, I read that Rihanna was hugging Nicki and Nicki told Rihanna to sit her AZZ down.
I have no idea where I read that but in a nut shell, Nicki dismissed, degraded and disrespected Rihanna. If what I wrote is, true, then I can see Rihanna riding with Remy.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:56 You mean like Jay got dragged on Ether and took a major blow to his street credibility...

Then CONTINUED to be successful AFTERWARDS.

As a matter of Fact Jay immediately went to Paris after Ether.

JUST like Nicki did after Shether

I think it's cute that some people are cheering for the underdog.

But the REALITY is that even (((IF))) Nicki loses the crown....

It will NOT be to Remy

I'm just stating the obvious.

Anonymous said...

@2:34 Remy is the new queen whether you realize it or not. I agree Nick will still have her status and her fans but the crown is gone. The bar-less barbie popped good ish for years about being the best female rapper. Here come Remy and she's above it all suddenly. No. Her response was wack she should have been asking her fans for some bars instead of nonsense.
Nick took the biggest L possible. Lost all credibility in the field she proclaimed to master.
Until further notice Remy is the New Queen of Rap.

Anonymous said...

^^^ That is your opinion

But where are the Receipts ???

IF Remy has the crown why aren't Major rappers trying to collab with her ???

She went on Wendy williams and gave up some wack verses on Mariah Carey's STRUGGLING song, then what...???

EXACTLY!!!! N-o-t-h-i-n-g

Wanting the crown & having it are NOT the same

Shooting broads over $ 1,000..c"mon now

She reps the Hood

BUT is not an International PoP star

Nicki is AND has receipts for the crown

BTW if Remy snatched the crown then WHY did she do a 2nd Diss Track ???

Then try to bait Nicki on the gram for a response ???

Why would a "new" queen beg for response ???

Remy knows what's up...

She is Fat Joe's Flunkie...with claim to Local fame with Shether. That's it.

She doesn't have the Look or the Mindset

When Remy becomes a star, please let me know

Until then you are just wishing on a "Star"

Deal with it !

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