Friday, March 24, 2017

Tiny Slams T.I.'s Current Chick

For weeks rapper T.I. has been running around with video vixen Bernice Burgos [click here if you missed that].

T.I.'s wife Tiny acknowledges the hook-up...

After a fan offered Tiny her condolences about Tip and Bernice hooking-up Tiny got the fan [and Bernice] right together.


Anonymous said...

Who did she get together???

Her husband like pass around bitches and so does she, they just aint doing it together anymore, now she just wait til he done and wait for her turn! Uh she has a new baby which means she's still going raw with a man with heavy dick mileage! Tiny have several seats with your fake bottom bitch shenanigans.

Anonymous said...

Tiny please keep your dignity in tact. You were the wife, you filed the divore and he called your bluff. Don't acknowledge the peasants and keep your side piece on the low-low. Play the long suffering wife then drop an album called mango, or lime or peaches or whatever..unless you are doibg this for rateings, don't feed the birds

Anonymous said...

11:27 ~ You are so right. Tiny and Kandi JUST got a writing credit for a sample on the new Ed Sheeran song which means they'll be making even more money from "No Scrubs." While life isn't about "money" why doesn't Tiny let go? She's independently wealthy and can go back to school, learn how to invest her money soundly, enjoy the spa and international travel with her children, etc. She has SO many options!

Sometimes we are so blind and unwilling to face a door The Universe wants to shut because we have to have OUR way. While Tip is a good father, he is also an alleged government snitch, a cheater, and a horrible business owner. He was never the man she thought he was and there are so many amazing things awaiting her in the future if she would stop holding onto the past and let the door close.

Anonymous said...

He was all those things when she MARRIED him

Anonymous said...

@11:25am, you are right, Tiny probably just mad at Tip b/c he ain't let her hit yet. Those threesomes in marriage don't make the marriage last, Todd and Kandi will be next.

Anonymous said...

All of them atlanta wives condone side pussy cut it out cuz it always backfire like a mug

Anonymous said...

Tip sawed off short ass. Tiny a good woman. She Rode, got booked riding. Smh. Tip think he the shit with his white mouse looking ass. He better remember making music in HER home studio before his skinny herpes lip ass got signed (famous).

Anonymous said...

Say what u want about TI...

But the Fact is He KNOWS that he has Total mind control over Tiny & that he has her heart.

Men like him ALWAYS marry women who Love them WAY more than they will ever love the woman.

This way cheating is automatically condoned with very little resistance.
Hence TI calling her bluff on that Divorce.

She probably isn't losing sleep because she is completely accustomed to this.
Either way no woman wants to see pics of her husband giving affection to another woman.
Pass along or not, it's still Disrespectful.

Its OK to Love a Man BUT Never Worship one

Her saw her as a come up
& now he came up

That's how "some" men do it.

Tiny Deserves BETTER

Anonymous said...

1252 sorry butthats the problem with that bum way of thinking, just like women can move on and upgrade so can men, tiny is a self hating low self esteem having female. She needs to stop wanting a gold medal in being a doormat. If she is such a prize surely she has men or women waiting in the wings to wife her.

JDent said...

My first husband was a serial cheater. The time when he wanted to get right was when I filed for divorce.

He said our son needed a family. I reminded he needed a family when he was chasing pussy. He cried cause he knew I was done.

I have been so much happier and successful without him. I don't date men who bag pelts for a living. I emerged out of that relationship more powerful that I could have imagined.

Dear Mae said...

@11:27 Point well taken. "The Universe present a door that says for your well being, Open it walk through have the guts open it! So it will be closed for a better future for you" Have a beautiful weekend everyone! Blessings ~

Anonymous said...

@3:01 I experienced a very similar situation,
Left him & OPENED that Door that God had for me. I'm so Glad that i did that.

JDent said...


I can't imagine having spent one more moment with that man. He remarried and kept begging me to at least fuck him.

When I close the door. It remains closed. Tiny has made him feel any discomfort. I thought when he slowed down the divorce it was about the money.

Also poor images to show her kids. Especially her girls and

Anonymous said...

Ladies YOU WILL NEVER GET anything out of messing with a married man. NEVER - and black america wonder why our children are so messed up. Having children by several women, messing around on your spouses. And this fools actually think they are role models - don't fool yourself - women and men get your lives together - if black lives matter so much - what a joke!!!!

Anonymous said...

4:56 Alabama yokels and Oregon white trash does the same thing. This is an issue or morals and ethics, so please stop running down Black people when bad behavior reflects our sick society in general.

Anonymous said...

@4:56 Girl Bye....

That type of sentiment and low- key blaming only serves to take away personal responsibility from a "wife" / woman who made a bad decision by marrying a man who she KNEW had no desire to be faithful to her.

I see this all the time...

Yeah, adultery is wrong BUT so is being Stupid / willfully ignorant.

When you CHOOSE to marry men who have clearly demonstrated that they are not faithful.

If he cheats on you before marriage thats all the red flag that you need not to proceed.

So if you proceed and FOOLISHLY say "I DO" then you did that To Yourself.

You can't blame that on side chicks.

Do the Math and make better decisions.

The sin of Adultery is a problem ALL OVER THE WORLD. Far from a Black issue solely.

Often times women RUSH to get married and in doing so end up getting hurt.

Men who are takers LOOK for givers.
A ring does NOT equal commitment
Don't play the Fool

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