Tuesday, March 14, 2017

T.I.'s Minor Son Harassed Over Weed Smell

Rapper T.I.'s underage son harassed at Atlanta driving range over weed smell on his clothes...

According to reports T.I. rushed down to Top Flight Golf in midtown Atlanta after learning managers had been trying to forcibly search his son's pockets after accusing the child of smelling like weed.

Apparently after T.I. showed up Top Flight backed down and issued an apology over the radio.



BlogBasic said...

Whats the point in being rich if you cant get preference like this.

Anonymous said...

like father like son. 10 minutes from now TI will be tryna act like a role model again.

Sherri Moses said...

I have b
een around kids whose parents smoke weed and the kids clothes smells like weed, it's these sorry parents who don't get it...SLM from Chi town

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