Thursday, March 23, 2017

Wyclef Jean Speaks Out About Arrest

This week artist Wyclef Jean was detained in Beverly Hills in a case of mistaken identity [click here if you missed that].

Wyclef speaks out about his ordeal while LAPD tells their side of the story...



This is an ugly ass man!!

Anonymous said...

Why left looks like the legitimate son Lamar Sally and Sherri heard should of had. he looks like a penis with a dry condom on it.

Anonymous said...

I never took this dude seriously, sorry.

Anonymous said...

After the scam he ran on Haiti and then supporting candidates that take from Haiti his concerns fall on deaf ears.

Anonymous said...

So all the commenters here are going to take the side of a police agency who's only goal now is not to be sued? We ALL know what "lawful detention" can lead to for people of color in this country. Hell, poor and homeless people are added to the litany of people who die each year of excessive force by police agencies.

The statement the LASD issued was to diminish the truth: That an innocent person had their 4th Amendment Rights violated. A violation of one person's rights will lead to larger violations of all of our rights, but some of you are so naive or flat out dumb to realize that if they're detaining rich Black dudes, they'll do far less to your non-rich azzes.


Anonymous said...

^^^I got your last line 10:39. If they're just detaining Wyclef, they'll flat out kill non-rich folks whom they come into contact with/Not even issue a statement. Or go with the old standby "They were resisting arrest" which is an excuse to flat-out kill folks. That was deep and thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

@ 10:39 am. I would have more sympathy for clef if he hadn't tweeted all lives matter a month ago. Now we supposed to be outraged for him cuz he thought since he a rich negro he was above it all. sucks to be him.

Anonymous said...

This is 10:39 ~ I did my research and you are correct. Plus he put out a video to support it? I guess the "All Lives Matter" stuff doesn't matter as much when his Black azz is the one in handcuffs?

I still stand by my comment on the 4th Amendment, and perhaps this is a cosmic justice for old Wyclef. You're correct re: he got his "N*gga Wake Up Call" i.e. Being rich doesn't always shield one from white supremacists' behavior.

Anonymous said...

Great point, 10:39am! For all of those not from LA, here's a taste of the alleged behavior of the LASD:

Anonymous said...

Banjour. I'm Wyclef Jean. I should be treated better than you. You go to a restaurant and pay the bill, I bring my entourage and we just walk out and laugh when they hand me one. I should be the Hatian president but they won't let me, something about the law. A couple of days ago I was held by the police for a mistaken identity, like many of my AA brothers an sisters. I informed them I'm a world famous celebrity and they can have an autograph and that I shouldn't be subjected to the same treatment as other AA LA citizens. They made me wait a while 5 extra minutes before I was able to go on further speeding on my Italian sports motorbike. To be honest, I don't really care nor advocate for the thousands of others who face this problem day in and day out, it so happens it happened to me.
I respectfully ask you all to go to your local congressman to share your outrage on my treatment.
BTW new song about to drop on iTunes 'No Clef, No Average AA'. All proceeds go to me and my nice Spanish home on the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean.

Mr. Jean

Anonymous said...

@12:55 You KNOW that you were dead wrong for that...Dead wrong

@10:39 I'm glad that you were made aware / found out that Wyclef promoting All Lives Matter BEFORE his detainment.

Your comment & shared knowledge is appreciated

Please know that you are not alone.
All of us don't fall for the BS / Lies

After reading the first line of their statement...I was DONE after seeing the words "unfortunate" and "six minutes".

I immediately stopped reading the self- justifying load of crap.

They are just caught & embarrassed but choosing to act indignant as per usual.

They are not fooling critical thinkers who have their eyes wide opened to the nonsense.

All lives Matter....LoL Yeah Ok

Anonymous said...

Wyclef looks hurt as he should be

HOPEFULLY he chooses to do something for the Black Lives Matter cause

Anonymous said...

10:19 AM........CHURCH

prissa o said...

Why in the world did the LAPD need to release the encyclopedia version of this incident?? Cliff notes would have sufficed.

They doth protest too much me thinks.

Anonymous said...

@ Prissa Amen !

What is understood
Needs no Explanation

Especially not a freaking Novel

Only 3 words were needed

" We F'ed Up "

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