Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Aaron Hernandez Suicide Notes Cause Prison Lockdown

Earlier this week news leaked that the family and friends of former New England Patriot and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez demanded his suicide notes be released to the respective recipients [click here if you missed that].

Apparently the letters are part of an ongoing investigation inside the Souza Baranowski Correctional Center and caused an immediate lockdown once the contents were revealed...

From The Boston Globe
The prison where Aaron Hernandez died is on lockdown as part of an investigation into “issues” involving the former football star that reach beyond his apparent suicide, the state’s top public safety official said Monday, while Hernandez’s family sought their own answers in the letters he left behind.
The Massachusetts Department of Correction initially objected to releasing the notes in full, and Daniel Bennett, the state’s public safety secretary, took the unusual step of appearing in court to argue the case. The judge and several lawyers conferred quietly in a sidebar session, but the conversation was recorded by court microphones and released to the Globe Monday afternoon.
“It’s in lockdown and one of the reasons is because of issues with Mr. Hernandez. And things that have happened with Mr. Hernandez,” Bennett said. The specific subject of the investigation was not discussed at the hearing.

In end the judge ruled that copies of the letters would be released to the family.


Anonymous said...

Why does POS get more free press than the three innocent men he killed? And I by free press I mean every blog and forum.

He's scum, good riddens!

Anonymous said...

The reason why it caused a lockdown is because of all
the ass being thrown his way.

We all know that prisons are socially segregated. But take a tall well-endowed Hispanic man who killed black men but prefers bending the more masculine of them over and then you have some serious problems. They had to shut that down.

I REALLY feel bad for his daughter and all her step-siblings she has via her confused ass father.
Dude has more BM than Yusaf Mack and Jesse Williams. But unlike Aaron, Yusaf and Jesse are still slinging their dicks to black and white females, respectively.

Anonymous said...

Paul Mooney was right: Latinos ain't nothing but light skinned ni**** that can swim.

Anonymous said...

^^^^That. He had em linning up for that thang.

Anonymous said...

@8:32 you are disgusting

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