Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Amber Rose Trademark Claim Not Denied?

Last week news leaked that Amber Rose had been unsuccessful in stealing the trademark for fanned LA strip club Ace of Diamonds [click here if you missed that].

Not so fast...

Insiders tell The Jasmine Brand,
"Amber’s team responded to the examining attorney, not a judge. In fact, the trademark hasn’t been opposed by any party."
Meanwhile Amber has been holding auditions for strippers, bottle girls and bartenders in a club that is NOT Ace of Diamonds.


Anonymous said...

See Tyrese's post about women as strippers and hoes. On one page people are upset about women because strippers and hoes... and then.... THIS^^^^

Anonymous said...

Yeah right. She'll pull the lawsuit. Watch. Those alleged Persians are very subtle. It won't be a broken into house or a busted windshield, it'll be waking up and receiving a text of herself sleeping with someone standing over her...She needs to drop this, NOW!

prissa o said...

I understand name recognition and all that, but why can't she just open her OWN strip club with a name she created and is all her OWN?

I don't understand the point of using a name/brand someone can lay claim to.

Anonymous said...

@7:34 blac Chyna and Amber want that name because they are too insecure believe thar they can be successful with their own names. They are basically gold diggers. Want to bank off someone else's success.

Anonymous said...

@11:31 You're so right. She is drawing too much attention and pretty soon, it will be too late. She didn't learn her lesson when the celebrities pulled out of slutwalk. All the overseas clients stopped booking her. Her film roles, tv appearances, book deals and talk show all canceled.

All her revenue is being cut off. If she was smart, she'd walk away while she can and go be a soccer mom. Real money moves in silence.

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