Monday, April 17, 2017

Chris Brown Attacks Photographer In Tampa

R&B singer Chris Brown accused of sucker punching a club photographer at a paid appearance in Tampa...

According to a Tampa Police Department report, Brown and his crew showed up to Club AJA in Channelside for a paid appearance, and punched Bennie Vines, Jr., a photographer who works for the club. The police report says Brown punched Vines for allegedly taking photos.
Brown had left the scene by the time police arrived.
The victim suffered a minor laceration on his lip, and wishes to prosecute.
The club released a statement and video of the incident has surfaced online.


Anonymous said...

Oh my... Fist Brown hit someone? I'm shocked.

prissa o said...

I guess he's going to hop in IG or Snapchatto say don't believe the reports of him hitting someone, don't feed into the negativity, he's about making money and taking care of his daughter.



Anonymous said...

Why don't everybody leave him alone? He is a young man. He only did one thing in his life when he beat Rihanna and she probably did something to him to deserve it. She gave him herpes yea that's what happened. Y'all don't know the whole story. Illuminati is out to get him. His father used to beat his mother. Chris' name is Chris because he's a good Christian. Did I cover all the excuses or nah?

Well on one hand said...

Someone should have asked him if his picture could be taken. I'm no celeb and I hate to be photographed without notice. But, on the other hand, signing on for a paid club appearance means you know you'll be photographed. As much of a ticking time bomb he is, everything needs to be gone over w him. "Mr. Brown this is our house photographer and he'll be taking shots of you throughout the evening." Just because he's crazy doesn't mean he's not due the respect of his position.

Anonymous said...

@6:16 I thought you was a real nigga typing all that out rofl *dead* you sound just like one of those idiot fans. smdh. He beat Karrauche too.

-The Virgin

Anonymous said...

^ @6:53 girl please there are roughly 46 million camphones pointed at this idiot. if he had to fight every body in there taking his photo without his damn permission, he'd be fighting all damn night long.

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