Saturday, April 08, 2017

Cuba Gooding Jr. Defends Sarah Paulson Antics

Last week Cuba Gooding Jr. shocked onlookers at an American Horror Story Q&A after he lifted actress Sarah Pulson's skirt onstage [click here if you missed that].

Cuba insists he meant no harm...

At the FX up-fronts for American Horror Story Cuba explained,
"I have two sons, 20 and 22, in college and I tell them all the time, any image that is on the Internet can be interpreted so the only way you can control is who you are moralistically and Sarah Paulson and I love each other."
"I see her as my sister and we had a playful banter that day; there was no sexual insinuation on my behavior and on my part and I was horrified to see that."


Anonymous said...

and I was horrified to see you swallow that cell phone..

Anonymous said...

That chicken bucket on his head should have been the final straw. #noselfcontrol

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