Monday, April 24, 2017

Death Row Records Mini Series on the Way

BET is producing a six hour mini series about Death Row Records...

According to reports BET is working on a documentary style project about the rise and fall of Death Row Records called 'The Death Row Chronicles.'

The series features six one-hour episodes set air in 2018.


Anonymous said...

Are they going to discuss:

~ Suge's alleged ties to the Rampart Division and the alleged "security" working the night he and Tupac made that faithful ride?

~ The alleged K-Ci and Jo-Jo robbery that left them shells of their former selves?

~ The alleged "Big Red" Vanilla Ice story re: dangling out a 20 story window in exchange for royalties?

~ The goons Jimmy Iovine had to send to get Dre out of his contract?

~ Dre & Bruce? (Allegedly)

~ Pac's secret meetings with EMI and his plans to exit Death Row before his untimely death?

~ The DEA and ATF allegedly working with Suge to infiltrate and bring down gang leadership on both sides in the years leading up to his incarceration and how he was allegedly protected for so many years?

~ How Kurupt was able to stay above everything and out of the fray?

~ Why Suge ran afoul of the authorities and who Suzanne Berg really is?

Anonymous said...

I'm here for it.

Anonymous said...

9:52 yassss

Anonymous said...

Actually it'll be a hour long with 5 hours of commercials

Anonymous said...

@9:52 the alleged rape of Devante and kici of Jodeci

his relationship with Danny Boy

David Kenner and the alleged money laundering

prissa o said...

WOW! @9:52
I'd rather read your tales than watch that mess
More please ☕️🙂

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