Wednesday, April 26, 2017

DMX Cancels String of Shows

Last week fans were shocked at DMX's erratic behavior during the Ruff Ryders Reunion at Barclays Center in New York [click here if you missed that].

In totally unrelated news DMX just canceled a bunch of shows...

According to reports DMX just canceled upcoming shows in Santa Ana, San Diego and Los Angeles, CA.

The reason for cancelation is listed as 'medical emergency.'


Anonymous said...

Stay strong DMX and get clean... Lord know's he's trying

Anonymous said...

So Sad...Religion and Mental Illness – “hyper” religious...but there is a chemical dependency unit/bed whenever he's really ready

Anonymous said...

He got 13 mouths to feed. I hope he gets help when he ready. Um didn't he cheat on his ride or die wife and his son sold his stuff on ebay?

Anonymous said...

I hope that he will be ok
No matter what his issues are, he seem as though he has a good heart
Give me person who has a genuine character
over a fake person who has a supposingly "good reputation"
I know a whole lot people who dont smoke crack and they are more fucked up, conniving
2 faced, back stabbing and deceitful with a smile on their face then a so called addict/alcoholic

Some people just know how to hide their mess more than others

The King Of The Real said...

cmon Uncle Earl we always rooting for ya

Anonymous said...

Yeah get some professional help DMX nothing to be ashamed of we want you to be free of that demon

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