Friday, April 21, 2017

Flo-Rida Slams Bad Dad Reports

Yesterday news leaked that rapper Flo-Rida was being pursued by the mother of his special needs son who accused him of neglecting their 7-month-old child [click here if you missed that].

Flo-Rida sets the record straight...

From TMZ
Sources close to Flo tell TMZ he's been making monthly payments of $5k to Alexis Adams to care for their 7-month-old son, and feels blindsided by her taking him to court. We're told Flo and Alexis both agreed on the amount, but he thinks she's being greedy by asking a judge to force him to pay more.
He says they were never a couple.
Alexis acknowledges she's been getting payments, but feels it isn't nearly enough to support herself and the baby -- considering his ailments, and the high cost of living in NYC. She claims she can't afford child care, so she can't leave the baby and go to work.


Anonymous said...

THE MONEY IS FOR THE BABY YOU SILLY W+++E BAG!!!! 60K a year in NY is enough for a baby.

Anonymous said...

Fuck that baby (retarded or no retarded)!! LMAO

The King Of The Real said...

wow, hoes be on that Trump ish

Anonymous said...

WRAP.IT.UP rappers smdh

Anonymous said...

Bitch move!!!! If you can find a job in NYC you can definitely find a job that would be more budget friendly. 5k a month is living good anywhere else especially when it is supplemental to your own income.

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