Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Jennifer Hudson Causing Friction on The Voice?

Last year R&B singer Jennifer Hudson joined the judges panel on The Voice UK [click here if you missed that].

Is the diva wearing out her welcome...?

From Star Magazine,
“She insisted that an interior designer come revamp her dressing room,” snitched an on-set tipster. “It had to be repainted – twice- and then she ripped out the beauty lighting to install a chandelier. The designer was there constantly.“
“She spent ages discussing candles and wallpaper,” detailed the spy. “In all my years in TV production, I’ve never seen someone go this nuts over a dressing room. You’d think was as redoing a mansion.”
[April 17th Print Edition]


Anonymous said...

Depending on HOW many hours she/they HAVE to be there, it may not be Dive behavior.
Just throwing it out there.
Celebrities have done this for eons. But, only "certain" celebs get a pass.
It pays to be warm & giving.
Basic Manners & Polite.

Anonymous said...


Stretch- Marked
Got her Nerve.

They gone get
Yo Alter Together
So u can Scarifice
More Family...

Side Note :: the judge in that case got KILLED this week. They r sayin Robbery..Sounds Like a Hit. Js

Anonymous said...


We see you.

652-886-9×[246]÷3.14% 333x2= weUStheyTHEM

Le Bullé zan phan tu Merdeka.


Ecnoyeb!!! Ecnoyeb!!! Ecnoyeb!!!

Wet waters and yellow pantheon!

Anonymous said...


Real Talk said...

Y'all are missing the point. She sacrificed her family to have the privilege to behave this way...and for us to be reading about it. Her family is dead, but her celebrity is alive.

Anonymous said...


Im @10:18 and just like my post you talking a bunch of gibberish. Stop believing that trash. It's a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

10:31 just curious, what about broke unsuccessful people whose family die (happens every day of the week), are they a sacrifice too? Don't answer, just think about it.

Anonymous said...


U sound like
Ur playin
Devils. Advocate

...W/ That
'Gibberish' jive
"Stop . Believin"
& Start Thinkin ...

What ?!

The Devil Does
Not. Exsist ??..

Try . Again

I am too Big
Of A. Cat to
Be Fooled by
A Kitten.


Anonymous said...

2000 years ago people didn't believe Jesus was the Messiah. Today, people dont believe there is a heavy price for fame. The point is, in time, the truth always shows its face.

Anonymous said...

Every since her 'Dreamgirls' role, Jennifer has be been gaining a rather sour reputation. #NotCool

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that they all get to redo their dressing rooms and hers is making the blogs because she wants it to. She just making sure we know she will be in the show.

Anonymous said...

IMO, she seems like a major c-u-next-tuesday.

Sorry, not sorry....

Felicia said...

SO it is HER!!!!!

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