Friday, April 28, 2017

Kenya Moore's Restraining Order Tossed Out

Last month Kenya Moore filed a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan accusing him of stalking [click here if you missed that].

Now the restraining order has been tossed out...

According to reports the restraining order was dismissed after Kenya was a no-show in court.

Apparently she was never able to serve Matt leading to the dismissal.


Anonymous said...

The restraining order was only part of the story line. Matt wants no parts of her rent-a-date ass and has moved on. And now that the season is over she's done faking it for the cameras.

This bitch is a psycho, no wonder she chose Matt to be her season love interest, birds of a feather. She really irks me with that high pitched voice and crater-like skin and her cringe worthy acting.

Bahama Jackson said...

Damn Phaedra, tell em why you REALLY mad ^^^

Anonymous said...

If Kenya don't sit her desperate for a story line check, throw the brick hiding her hands, jealous, transparently angry, obviously petty for no reason but a paycheck, tired, vindictive self some where and stay there.
Porsha was right about what she said about Kenya's anger (that is actually transparent) on the reunion pt 2, Kenya eyes was shooting fire because that truth was fire, so was Kandi, and Cynthia... we saw you

Matt all money ain't good money bruh. I know you know that now.. for all foolishness you should've at least negotiated twice even 3 times the agreed upon amount alledgely,and get 60% of it upfront and rest in on-time consistent weekly payments for this foolishness charade she has y'all looking like (wasn't too hard for you though lol just joking)
Future rent-a-storyline boyfriends pay attention, this has been an alledged public service announcement lol

Good points @ 7:03am

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

^^^ BITCH everybody ain't gotta like that goddamn motherfucking stupid ass Kenya. What the FUCK is wrong with you Kenya whore stans?? Yall need to twirl the fuck on somewhere and saddown!

Anonymous said...

Kenya cannot keep a man

Anonymous said...

7:03, 11:49,6:57, SAME GOONS/KENYA HATERS

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