Saturday, April 29, 2017

Kris Jenner Puts the Brakes on Rob & Chyna?

Insiders claim Kris Jenner is putting the squeeze on Blac Chyna's pockets by refusing to OK shooting for the next season of Rob & Chyna...

Sources tell Radar Online
"The network wants to do it; Rob and Chyna want to do it but Kris won't let them start yet and she is coming up with every excuse in the book."
“Kris is controlling everything.”
“It’s all politics and it is bizarre. That show got huge ratings. ‘KUWTK’ is tanking in the ratings. It should be a no brainer for Kris, but it isn’t.”
“Kris is being vindictive and exploiting Chyna. She’s pitting the entire family against her." 
"It’s a vicious war against Chyna.”

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Anonymous said...

She doesn't know their motto by now??

She should've been known that they're always looking out for themselves first, trying to be the 1st and the top all the time, seeking attention, control and $$ for themselves, breadcrumbs, if that, to the rest.
And if you're better or more successful than them, they'll block you or copy you.

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