Friday, April 21, 2017

Meghan Markel Drops Another Royal Engagement Clue

For months there have been rumors that Prince Harry was planning to propose to Suits actress Meghan Markel.

Meghan just dropped another big hint...

This month Meghan Markel abruptly ended her lucrative endorsement deal with Canadian fashion outlet Reitmans.

The significance has to do with strict protocol forbidding royals from endorsing any products.

According to reports Reitmans was caught totally off guard and offered Meg a huge sum of money to stay on but she refused.

The company even continued to promote her involvement for a while until she asked them to stop.


Anonymous said...

Good for her!

Anonymous said...

Harry & Meghan are definitely the more beautiful couple compared to that other lot. William used to be cute, but now he just looks like he has Down's Syndrome; like his father.

Anonymous said...

Go sit in the corner...CTFU!!

prissa o said...

LOL @3:25

Anonymous said...

Im not understanding... this is news because she is black right?

Miss JI said...

It's news because she is marrying a royal. I love Will and Kate and Harry and Meg. ☺️

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