Monday, April 03, 2017

Meghan Markel's Half-Sister Writing a Tell-All

Actress Meghan Markel's bitter half sister writing a tell-all book as rumors swirl that Meghan and Prince Harry are engaged...

Meghan's half-sister Samantha Grant Tweeted about her plans and defended her decision to blow the whistle on Meg.

Last year Samantha told magazines Meghan was a social climber who had abandoned her father's side of the family once she went Hollywood [click here if you missed that].


Anonymous said...

Meghan wanted to be somebody...and did. Now you write about her. Lame

Malika JustMalika said...

The sis could have used her sis' name to sell herself to get money for charities. She doesn't have to write a book just to get money. Folks are so pressed to get rat on relatives, like they're owed something. Shit, if I get money you're damned right there are certain relatives that won't see me anymore. I'm broke and don't eff with them!

Anonymous said...

8:37 & @9:05

Yup. She got left.

Anonymous said...

She jealous af! Meg is very close with her mother, who is black. I am sure her father's side of the family never approved, so why deal with those people.

Anonymous said...

Im right w you 9:49. They probably didn't even mess w her like that. Now that she's almost a princess, she's your sister.

So what if she's a social climber. She's reached the 2nd highest peak on Earth! Sis is just mad there's no wheelchair lift on that mountain. LOL

Anonymous said...

All these comments are correct. Meghan isn't a Royal but if the Royal Family doesn't want the book to come out, it won't come out.

Someone please have this woman Google Paul Burrell and everyone who's ever tried to "cross" the Royal Family by telling tales out of school.

prissa o said...

@10:13 - not Wheelchair Lift!!!!

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