Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mel B Accuses Stephen Belafonte of Producing Adult Films

In their ongoing child custody battle former Spice Girl Mel B accuses estranged husband Stephen Belafonte of producing adult films...

From TMZ
In court, her counsel said there was "evidence" on multiple computers in the family home that indicates he's connected to porn, and possibly shooting it himself. They claim there's a paper trail on him renting spaces around L.A. to shoot porn.
In the end Stephen was awarded monitored visits with daughter Madison but ordered to have no contact with Eddie Murphy's daughter Angel.


Coko Shari said...

Really now? Is that bad and is she in them? I'm asking for my pastor.

Isn't if funny the things couple hold on to about you? She didn't agree with or approve of a lot of his actions, but now that they're divorcing, mud sling, but while married pray for him.

Anonymous said...

They're both despicable. When will it end? How much more explicit will these "reports" get?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but she's known about his porn ring and was probably involved. Why is she talking now? She stayed around that for how many years and had him in her children's presence?

I wouldn't let him around my children. He gives off a creepy pervy vibe and is probably into pedophilia.

Maria Chiquita said...

When you start court proceedings you find out a lot about you're husband or wife the lawyers dig deep and find things you didn't know about that ur now ex was hiding, so she could've just got the news.

Anonymous said...

Creepy perv vibe

Sure does

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