Monday, April 24, 2017

Mel B Admits to Consensual Sex with Nanny?

Last week Mel B's ex-nanny Lorraine Giles filed a defamation of character lawsuit after Mel accused Lorraine of getting pregnant by her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte and trying to extort the former Spice Girl with videos of the trio having sex, which Mel claimed she was forced into [click here if you missed that].

Maybe forced was too strong a word...

Sources close to Mel B tell TMZ Mel's husband Stephen Belafonte hired Lorraine Giles as their nanny and then convinced Mel and Lorraine to engage in three-way sex with him, in an arrangement that lasted for 7 years.

The insider claims the deal was broken, however, after Mel found out they were also having sex without her.


Anonymous said... u let yo hubby convince u to screw the help?

Anonymous said...

We Told you Mel B is a liar.

Anonymous said...

This man had her mind and acted like he was her pimp. Who tapes their husband having sex with a nanny? Someone with zero self esteem whose husband aims to humiliate them. Hope she learned a lot from this.

Anonymous said...

not surprised to hear of this and truly not surprised to hear Mel video taped her husband. Trolls here act like it's appalling to hear of this. I know quite a number in my lifetime to do the same. THE DIFFERENCE HERE IS: Someone has hurt feelings and had a knee jerk response to make a public statement. (IDIOT!!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Mel B always been a freak. Not surprised.

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