Saturday, April 08, 2017

MempHitz Wright Offered 10 Year Plea Deal

Two years ago Toya Wright's ex-husband Mickey 'MempHitz' Wright was arrested in Georgia for armed robbery and aggravated assault after accusing a car wash attendant of stealing weed from his vehicle [click here if you missed that].

The case has finally come to trial and MempHitz is reportedly considering a plea deal...

According to reports,
Under the proposed deal, Memphitz would serve 10 years in jail and 10 years probation for the armed robbery charge, while the penalties for the other charges would either run concurrently or tack on more probation time.
If MempHitz decides to take the case to trial he could be facing up to 20 years in prison.


D L said...

10 years for messing with that weed, SMH.

Anonymous said...

beside being a good faithful husband with a solid black woman....this loser rather be somebody prison trade husband for dick in the booty boys for 10 prison bid...smfh

Anonymous said...

Chickens came home to roost!

Anonymous said...


Shoe Lover Too! said...

This was a really ugly case.
He chased the guy with the gun through the carwash. All on video! He didnt care

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