Saturday, April 22, 2017

Montana Fishburne Ranted About Michael Jackson and Donald Trump During DUI Arrest

Back in March actor Laurence Fishburne's former adult film star daughter Montana Fishburne was arrested in Fort Lauderdale for DUI after crashing into another car on the highway [click here if you missed that].

Wild new details from her arrest have surfaced online...

From The Daily Mail was her bizarre behavior that really got the attention of Juan Pinzon of the Florida Highway Patrol and Anaya Frazier of the Sheriff's Department, according to a state discovery report.
The pair said in a report that Montana greeted them with a 'hello' as they approached her at the scene. She had trouble staying still, it said.
She 'then began to talk about not wanting to be charged for an ambulance because it costs $900 and all she has is a bandage on the face,' they wrote.
'If she is going to pay for an ambulance or Donald Trump she is going to need some birth control,' they added. It's not clear what exactly was meant by that statement.
She then 'talked about vibrators, being a porn star, called officer a liar for not having an ice back for her face' and 'also made some other sexually explicit remarks,' they said.
She then 'yelled about dying in jail, Michael Jackson and Propoval' - probably a misspelling of Propofol, a drug Jackson took before his death - claimed the cops.
Montana has pleaded not guilty to DUI (Injury/Property Damage) (Enhanced), DUI (Injury/Property Damage), DUI (Enhanced) and Driving Under the Influence.