Monday, April 24, 2017

Prince Sold More Music Than Any Other Artist Last Year

In the year since his death rocker Prince has sold more music than any other artist...

According to reports in the year since Prince's death, April 21, 2016, albums and songs from the rocker's catalog has sold 7.7. million copies as of April 13, 2017.

Of that, 2.3 million were physical copies and 5.4 million were downloads, the bulk being sold in the months after his death.

Prince also sold more albums than any other artist in all of 2016, selling 2.23 million copies, surpassing Adel who sold 2.21 albums last year.


Anonymous said...

no surprise here...i am no conspiracy theorist, but a lot of these "deaths" of musicians are very, very, very supsect.

Anonymous said...

Well no one is selling records these days. I'm sure WB is satisfied. "Worth more dead than alive".

Anonymous said...

Ya'll, he was/is everything. A real artist. We know what's up with his 'death'; we will carry his legacy for him. O+>

Anonymous said...

@ 10:28 EXACTLY
This was ALL by Design.

Those Wicked Bastards at WB wanted money and control over the vault.
They'll get theirs...

They KILLED his body
But will never be able to kill his soul

His music will Live on
A handsome, sexy, intelligent & Beautiful soul

A True Prince

Anonymous said...

Key Word *Artist*

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