Monday, April 24, 2017

Rita Ora Rejected Mel B and Stephen Belafonte?

Last week former Spice Girl Mel B accused her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte of forcing her into group sex sessions with their nanny and various random partners [click here if you missed that].

Was former Roc Nation artist Rita Ora on their hit list...?

According to sources close to Rita she was.

From The Sun
Mel and Stephen Belafonte invited the Brit singer, 26, back to their home after a “networking” dinner at a Hollywood restaurant in 2014.
But their hopes were dashed when she turned them down.
A source said: “Rita was one of Mel and Stephen’s ‘targets’. When they asked her back to theirs, she was surprised.
“She was there purely for work reasons, anything else was out of the question.
“So she made her excuses politely and went home."
“She told friends she knocked them back and had tried her best to avoid being in their company from then onwards.”


Anonymous said...

So they have a type.
I knew Mel was lying about the forces 3somes... If she lied about that to help her case, what else is she lying about?

I want to bone Curtis Granderson said...

I can't imagine all the celebrity agreements that do take place. Hollywood is a cesspool of scabies.

Monique said...

Cesspool of STDs.Rita Oral please, you participated. Just Nasty

Monique said...

Cesspool of STDs.Rita Oral please, you participated. Just Nasty

Anonymous said...

Didn't she use to hump on Rob Kardashian? I bet that whole house smell like earring backs when they get finished.

DeepSeas said...

I keep tryna tell people open marriages, swinging, orgies, girl-on-girl and guy-on-guy is the norm in Hollywood and in elite circles of powerful politicians and executives. Throw in drugs and liquor into the mix and anything goes.

These people are all about carnality, debauchery and sensuality. Satisfying your every desire. Hedonism essentially.

If you pay attention to their lyrics in music and themes in movies you will see they espouse the same and want you to partake.

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