Thursday, April 06, 2017

Trial Date Set for Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Case

Two years ago Bill Cosby fans were shocked and horrified after the newly elected prosecutor in Philadelphia reopened a 2004 sexual battery case against the 78 year-old comedian that had previously been settled outside court [click here if you missed that].

The trail date has been set...

According to reports the trial will begin June 5, 2017 and is expected to last two weeks.

Jurors will be brought in from three different counties and sequestered in suburban Philadelphia.

If convicted Cosby is facing up to a decade in prison.


NotCool said...

Karma catches up with you eventually.

Anonymous said...

lock him up.............nasty pig.

Anonymous said...

Fuck those trifling old fake rape hoes!!!!!!!!! He fucked most of them more than once, J/S . HOPE YOU BEAT THE CASE MR.COSBY!!!!! Come correct or don't come at all. Thats all I'm saying!!

To all you silly nigger and nigger bitch RWS commentators, KARMA is fake but the legal system is real!!

Anonymous said...


If the hoes are triflin what does that make Mr. "fake ass family values" Cosby? Sit your ignorant ass DOWN.

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