Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tyga Dissed at Coachella

Earlier this month news leaked that rapper Tyga and Kylie Jenner were no longer a thing [click here if you missed that].

In totally unrelated news Tyga was denied VIP access at the Coachella Music Festival over the weekend...

From The Sun
THERE was trouble for rap star Tyga at the VIP door of Coachella – as he got unceremoniously turned away.
The 27-year-old rapper suffered the ultimate humiliation when trying to access the glitzy back stage area reserved for the biggest names attending the desert festival.
But he was resolutely told he was not allowed access by strict venue security.
“Tyga was told ‘You’re name’s not on the list!'” an onlooker revealed – with the star spotted looking exceptionally peeved at the gates.


Sunni Daze said...

Rap Star Tyga....lls haha you got jokes. He can't sit with the cool kids anymore. Access Denied.

Anonymous said...

And considering there were very few "stars" at Coachella, that's telling that Tyger couldn't get in lmao

Anonymous said...

10:35 that was interesting, wasn't it? I know it was the first weekend, but the crowd looked a bit thin. That said the Koven's 15 mins are up, and people who are truly VIPs don't pay good money for passes to eat shrimp next to washed up "rappers" with no hits.

Anonymous said...


GO AWAY, TOO, spitty lips, always looking like he's steady sucking up spit to keep from slobbering

Anonymous said...

Why when I read this I heard/pictured Nelson from the Simpsons...haha

Anonymous said...

VIP how? MOst folks can't name one song of his. My understanding is that his claim to fame was some hit song that featured Wayne???

He's truly famous for being the boyfriend of a Kardashian sister. I can't name one song of his, including that one with Wayne. How would he ever roll up to VIP and think they'd let him in?

Get your regular ass in that long line with those other musty peasants fool. Oh yeah, where Kylie?

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