Sunday, April 16, 2017

Wissam Al Mana's Spotted Out with Baby Eissa

Janet Jackson's estranged husband Wissam Al Mana spotted in the park with their son Eissa...

Earlier this week Janet Jackson was spotted in a London park with son Eissa Al Mana in the baby's first public outing [click here if you missed that].

Yesterday Janet's estranged husband, notoriously private billionaire businessman Wissam Al Mana, was spotted feeding and playing with the baby on a London park bench. Janet was not with them.

Go here to see the photos.


Anonymous said...

I just hope he's not playing some kind of game with Janet now that he realizes he's about to give her such a large payout. What I mean by game is him now trying to prove he can be out in the media and be okay with it and having his son exposed to the world just to get Janet to come back to him and then do something bad to her.

Anonymous said...

They are not getting divorced. And it has been debunked that she's getting a 5 year pay out, they have not been married 5 years.

Hello @7:30 here are a few facts said...

@7:30 Well since you know so much, which Middle Eastern Country were they married. Then tell me what are the rights of the female in that country regarding child custody and Divorce.

Who gave the traditonal muslim blessing for the union. Which Muslim Cleric agreed to perform the ceremony.

I will answer all these for you, they are not married. BUT, lets say just for giggles and just pretend....... AL MANA, would never agree to a 500 Million dollar pay out, his BROTHERS, would have to agree to that as well, and they would never do that either.

The facts are, they never married, they HAVE split up, he is tryibg to ensure Janet wont go public with abuse and other negative stories, so he is being nice.

The baby, Janet did not carry a baby, she was never pregnant with WISSAMS child...I dont know where this baby came from.

Anonymous said...

Here's my take: I'm thinking maybe they're separating though not legally. It's obvious they love each other very much, and she is probably very unhappy being away from the USA and probably wanting to be free from his Islamic culture while wanting to still be the adored Ms. J. while he may be totally uninterested in moving to the USA. So they're dealing with it without bitterness. Anyway, I hope they'll be able to raise up this beautiful boy together in love and harmony, and I hope she can find the balance of career, marriage, motherhood, and music icon.

Anonymous said...

!!! Miss. Snitch omg I didn't think you read my comments. I cannot believe a comment I posted became a story. I feel like Don Lemon rofl.

-The Virgin

Anonymous said...

Some kind of charm offensive going on. Feels a little off.

Anonymous said...

Black Americans are always the first to scream that other races/ cultures are prejudiced against them, yet are always the first to be judgemental of others! Why are you like that?

Just because he is a Mulsim doesn't mean he is abusive or controlling, or whatever else you'll think Arabs are! If you look at the society pages of Arab publications, you will see tons of pix of Wissam! He is always out and about, so to say he is reclusive is a big fat lie! Janet is the one that has always been reclusive, be it with Jermaine Dupri or any other man she has been with. Especially when her weight goes up, you barely see her out and about. That has nothing to do with Wissam!

Anonymous said...

@4:36 Really Wissam fired a woman who says she was raped. A Nigerian who was an assistant to Wissam was pinned with the rape. He was NOT the one who she accused , I will let you figure that one out.

The Woman who made the accusation was not only fired she was imprisoned, because she was going to talk to the press about who really did the rape..

Janet was walking around in all black from head to toe with her face covered, the Arab culture created this, NOT JANET, AND NOT BLACK AMERICANS!!!!


Anonymous said...

There is No Way Janet or Wissam would waste each others time with a surrogate baby. What's the point?
Plenty of women especially Black Women still bleed at 50 therefore they can still Breed. I know its hard for many to understand but....Janet did carry and give birth to her son.

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