Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Adrienne Bailon and Israel Houghton Buy a New House

Last month news leaked that gospel singer Israel Houghton's ex-wife and kids were losing their home to foreclosure just weeks after Israel's lavish Paris wedding to Adrienne Bailon [click here if you missed that].

In totally unrelated news Megan Good's husband Devon Franklin blessed Adrienne and Israel's new marital home over the Memorial Day weekend...

Adrienne's The Real co-host Jeannie Mai shared a clip from the celebration on social media.


Anonymous said...

Not a Christian in sight.

-The Virgin

JDent said...


You made me chuckle out loud because that's just what I was thinking. How you gonna celebrate a house, while you ex wife and kids don't have a home.

Devon and Megan need to stop playing religion. Shit like this is just one the things that keeps away from organized fuckery.


Anonymous said...

Countdown to the foreclosure party since career prospects don't look great for either party.....

Anonymous said...

@12:00 exactly

Saw the Fake the other day and those days of being on the air are truly numbered. If they had an interesting replacement for Tamar, I could see another two seasons but bringing on Joseline is like dirt on top of the casket.

Anonymous said...

They are one doughy couple; Mr. & Mrs. Pillsbury, ev'rybodyyyyy!

Unknown said...

@ 11:57, I am dealing with a man who moved out over 3 years ago and his mother and girlfriend are supporting the fact that he STOPPED paying for his kids and I lost a home that was $11,000 from being paid off and he ruined my credit!!! They benefit, not his children (I was with him 20 years and helped build his career). He left me bankrupt and a federal judge just took his assets and put that ass to Jail! I had to utilize public assistance and his income (over a quarter million-not much but was enough). It was puzzling to the courts that my financial situation was so bad. As a woman, I COULD NOT date any man that left his children without! If you don't trust the mother,take her azzzz to court and get your children but just to be spiteful? Miss me with that! I am not excusing me because I DID NOT want to be bothered with the courts and look what my SELFISH behavior cost my children! I OWE my babies the biggest apology for my ignorance. I hope he DID NOT sacrifice his kids to her but if he did, karma is swift when it hits.

Casie Priest said...

You're ex wife is going through foreclosure bc your bytch a$$
Yet your celebrating πŸ™

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:


Sorry you had to go through all that. Your ex sounds like a real douchebag.

The ex wife should pitch a tent in their new front yard with those kids and shame his ass.

JDent said...


This is why I post on Snitch. Real life shit. I had a similar situation that happened to me. I worked my ass off to help my ex finish college. I graduated too. But I worked. He didn't. He was always talking about how WE were gonna do yada. We married and moved to NY. He showed his p.o.d. ass. When he became violent. I left instead of catching a case. We southern women will put a rusty ice pick a bitch in heart beat about that shit.

When he discovered I was really divorcing him he became vindictive as a mother. When I left he wouldn't allow me back into the house to get me and my son's belongings. Bitch didn't know I had a spare key. So while he was working me and a girlfriend swooped in and took all our stuff.

OT: He had left an ounce of weed on the bed. I took that too. When we went to court he starting telling the judge about me taking stuff without permission. Judge basically said, bitch please she on the lease. Then he said she stole my we...He almost told the judge he had weed. This was before it was legal. I wanted to lay down on the floor laughing.

I agree with you about our youthful behavior costing our children. I have the same regret. You touch my heart when you said that. EVEN THOUGH MY SON IS GROWN. I still feel I should fought him harder to make sure he, nor I HAD TO WORK SO HARD.

My ex remarried. She spent my son's inheritance because I kept saying I can do it without him. Fuck that shit. I was wrong.

Make long story short. Him and his bitch lost it all when he started smoking crack. He died in 2005 of colon cancer. For me karma is the next life. I believe it is COSMIC RETRIBUTION that takes evil bitches off this planet.

So yeah. I detest fake motherfuckin' so called christians. Because if their god is ok with this kinda shit, he always count me out.


Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

@4:48... I'm over here laughing my ass off over him almost telling the judge you stole his weed.... Bwahahahaha

JDent said...


My friend and I smiled big. Because we smoked the shit out his stash.Ahhhaaaa

Anonymous said...

Is it possible she lost the house because of her own actions/decisions and not because of something her ex husband did/didn't do?

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