Thursday, May 18, 2017

Amber Rose Hacked Explained

Last night Amber Rose sent some very provocative Tweets and later claimed she was hacked but we've got the real story...

Apparently MTV is remaking a UK game show called Safe Word and in the first round contestants have to give up the passwords to their social media accounts to earn points for their team.

So Amber was hacked alright, but it was all fun and games.

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Anonymous said...

who care about this pole dancer.......... she needs to go back under her rock.

Anonymous said...

I believe her. It was substantive and funny AF.
Why are people jealous of her doing something productive. Nobody bashes Beyoncé when she became a billionaire.

Anonymous said...

People use the term hacked like the term fake news now. They use it when it doesn't apply just because they heard other people use it. If you give out your password, it's not a hack. Shit, Snitch, when are you going to start posting facts instead of your baiting fake titles?

Anonymous said...

This is old news and all set up by Wiz - what the deal was remains ??? or maybe no deal at all, just hahas

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