Saturday, May 27, 2017

Barry White's Son Suing His Widow

Barry White's son Darryl is suing Barry's widow accusing her of cheating him out of his inheritance...

According to reports Darryl White is suing his stepmother Glodean White claiming she never let him see his father's will and that he is now destitute.

Darryl admits he received payments until September 2015 but now wants to see the will for a true accounting of what he may be owed.

The case is ongoing.

Barry White died at age 58 in 2003 while awaiting a kidney transplant.


Anonymous said...

In other words, Darryl aint trying to get no damn job lol that's one reason you shouldn't give folks inheritances until they actually need it.

Anywho, "Playing your game, baby" is my favorite Barry song. Miss that voice of his.

Casie Priest said...

Back when dark men married dark women.

Anonymous said...


Just like massa wants them to.

What are you really saying?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE all of Barry White's music!!!!!!!
@10:42pm , I like "Playing your game" too
And I especially like "Honey Please"

***off to youtube to listen to some of his music***


COKO SHARI said...

So he's been receiving payments for TWELVE YEARS, it's ended and now he wants to double check the will? Come on bro. You shouldn't do that at all. How was she ok for 12 years, but once you spend all your checks, she's a fraud hiding something?

I agree with not leaving folks ish when you die. Get your own ish, don't wait for mine. Kids, parents, etc. I'm not leaving anyone, anything. If I had millions, I still wouldn't. WORK.

Someone who comes from this type money would've had access to the best education, his daddy's contacts, and opportunities galore. Other than to weaken your spirit, what other reason is there for a rich person to also leave millions of dollars behind to their heir?

I know, someone has to get the money and simply giving it all to charity seems so cold.

Anonymous said...

Unless a person knows that their family is foul or will squander it away, why not leave the money to the family? Barry Whites music gets airplay today and is used in ads, movies and TV shows. If he owned his masters and wrote the songs, that's more than money in the bank. There's nothing wrong with Black families having wealth.

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