Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Jelani Maraj Case Delayed

Nicki Minaj's older brother Jelani Maraj was set to begin jury selection for his child rape trial this week but the case has been delayed...

According to reports the trial has been delayed after the defense requested more time to prepare their case.

Meanwhile Jelani's attorneys have filed motions to have the case dismissed altogether and certain evidence suppressed.

The trial is set to begin in July.


Anonymous said...

The family is probably having negotiations with Nicki's camp on a monetary deal. This man will walk because Nicki is gonna pay the family to drop the charges. Just wait on it. Thats what MJ did back in the day!

Anonymous said...

A. Child Rapists
Delay of Justice
Is An In. Justice

Throw This Water Head
Hxe. Away Already..

& 'Ikki' --u r Fooln No1I
By Paying For His. Defense
They Should Throw U Away Too

Malika JustMalika said...

If they were after money, it wouldn't have made it this far. I believe MJ paid $20m settlement. Nicki has no where near that she can part with.

Anonymous said...

2:19 I believe you're correct. Even though it's at the prosecutors' office, I bet they'll pull a Roman Polanski and the victim's family will "not want to proceed with the trial" for the right price. (Polanski was still found guilty, tho. Maybe Jelani can run back to Trinidad?)

iketernr said...

I'd catch that trick on the street and deal with his low down grimy azz. Yeah nik is gonna pay them off. But I'd get that money for that baby and get payback for her too.

Anonymous said...

I guess that's when her next "tuition giveaway" will take place! You ain't slick Nicki

Nubia Blake Williams said...

@5:05 lmao that's hush money!

I wonder why Nicki's barbz always get so pissed and defensive about her trifiling ass brother

Lock up that wild nigga ape and throw away the key!

prissa o said...

What 2:19 said and it's a damn shame because they can prosecute him criminally AND file civil charges. That is what they should do - but since technically Niki is the one with the money a civil suit against him may not work - and I'm sure that child will need years of therapy.

But I really wish they would lock his foul, nasty predator ass up!

Allihave2say said...

This is a travesty. If he is set free and the charges dropped he will be able to return to running daycares and having access to children again.

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