Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Kelis Snags a Gig in Britain

Pop star Kelis will be judging a new singing competition show across the pond...

According to reports Kelis has joined the judges panel on a new show called Pitch Battle on the BBC.

The show, inspired by the movie Pitch, will feature choirs battling it out in a capella challenges, soloist head-to-head rounds, and polished choral performances.

Kelis will be judging the weekly a cappella challenge.


Anonymous said...

Very fitting. That's why we call her the black Mariah Carey.

*inb4 the crabs in the bucket hate on a sister for not being on welfare*

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Kelis is living her life and I love it. raising a family, being a wife, opening a farm, making music, working, grinding and living life to its fullest. Love her.

BlogBasic said...

I hope this jumps the pond. I like group dynamics more than solo acts. And I love me some Kelis. IG feed def one of my faves. I do wish she would share more pics of her boys but alas. I see what Nas saw! <3

TellItLikeItIs said...

Good for her, but I'm not surprised. She's always had a larger following overseas than in the states.

Anonymous said...

I'm a HUGE Kelis fan and was hoping that this post was about her dropping New music.

Either way, Good for her.

BTW @ 8:13....STFU

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