Monday, May 29, 2017

Kimora Lee Simmons Addresses Bond Scandal Rumors

Last week there were whispers Kimora Lee Simmons' fashion empire might be in danger because of the billion dollar Malaysian bond scandal involving her husband, former Goldman Sachs exec Tim Leissner [click here if you missed that].

Kimora sets the record straight...

Kimora Lee Simmons tells Women's Wear Daily,
“I’ve been around for quite some time. I’m an old lady so I’ve always been self-sustaining, self-funded. I’ve had Baby Phat and at one point Phat Farm, too. I’ve had Couture by Kimora, Fabulosity, KLS so this is not my first ride at the rodeo. I’ve had six or seven successful fragrances.” 
“I fund my own business.…I’ve been in the fashion industry since [age] 12, modeling and all that. So all my money, not that I want to say it that way, this is my third marriage that I’m on so, no, my husband has nothing to do with my professional life.”


Anonymous said...

Bitch PLEASE. The only reason you marry IS for money/status. Everyone knows about your antics with women. You just misfired with this last pick.

OT: Kola Boof dragging Kimora is STILL one of the funniest threads ever posted on this site.

Anonymous said...

Nothing at all to do with yoda... i mean Russell simmons then?
I always thought you were a relatively unknown clothes horse pre Russell like most catwalk models.
There's gratitude for you but color struck Russ probably doesn't mind.

Anonymous said...

Kimora has wealth and will always be wealthy, she is a Taurus. Like she said her money is good, and believe her husband will still be wealthy, he is white European and and will always be protected.

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