Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Takari Lee Slams Jackie Christie Over Recent Interview

In a recent interview Basketball Wives LA star Jackie Christie claimed estranged daughter Takri Lee suffers from depression and that she still loves and supports her but from a distance.

Takari slams Jackie and her diagnosis...


Anonymous said...

Jackie Christie is crazy.

Luckey Starr said...

Wackie is a narcissist

Anonymous said...

THey are both a little touched in the head at this point...

I am tired of them going back and forth on social media.

Anonymous said...

She needs to accept the fact that her mama dont fool with her and move on with her life. Rejection from your mama is tough, but you have your own kids to be there for. All the energy it takes to write for social media could be spent getting help for these issues. The only thing Takari should be worried about is making sure she doesnt become the mother Jackie has been to her.

You cant embarrass somebody who doesnt care. You only become embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the comments.
Jezebel spirit aka NPD has no cure.
Get away from the problem, problems solved.

Anonymous said...

9:57 I AGREE, I think my Mother developed Post partum OR Just DON'T Like Me....She gives Zero Fawks about my feelings, took me 30yrs to say EF it..I LOVE Me, if you don't Kool..She's My Mother But She does NOT get to continue to make ME feel like shit.

Tippie Toes said...

Sadly her daughter has to do this but if I were her I wouldn't respond everytime Wackie says something about her Wackie is ill and there's real proof of how mentally ill she is. Her own husband avoids her like the plague but can't leave her because she knows too much.

Allihave2say said...

Takari, I'm a woman of a certain age with a mother exactly like Jackie who dotes on her in wedlock daughter. it took me years to understand her behaviors and years later I still don't understand, respectively. There's nothing you can do about her but everything you can do for yourself and your own sanity and family. Stay away. Don't call, text, visit, invite, expect, hope, need, beg, wait, cry, or anything. Let her be where she is. Here are some excellent books for you to read.

Trapped in the Mirror
Will I Ever be Good Enough?
Walking on Eggshells
Children of the Self Absorbed
Mothers Who Can't Love
Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers
Once Upon a Lie
White Oleander
Online: Sam Vaknin - Malignant Narcissist
Online: The Golden Child & The Scapegoat
Hope this helps everyone. I never forget the injuries my mother caused but I don't allow her to make new injuries for me. My suffering endures a lifetime, I chose to be happy and healthier. I only achieve that by letting her and her golden child go,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the book references @8:23pm
I am another poster, but I am in need of healing also
God bless u :)

Allihave2say said...

10:10 PM. I've lived half a century. Long enough to know they aren't worth your happiness but will take you to loneliness and sadness and be glad you are there. They hate when you break away because it causes people to look at them. They will continue to lie on you.

There's a therapeutic concept called No Contact. It means exactly what it says. No contact. No calls, visits, holidays, birthdays, sick calls, apologies NO CONTACT. Walk away knowing you will always long for what you did get and that you will never get it. If they contact you it's because they need NARCISSISTIC SUPPLY. Don't be it. No mother's days. If someone dies and you feel you must go, say farewell to the dead and leave. No mingling. They will use family members that they've always manipulated to punish you and draw you in. They will all blame you and shun you. You'll try to explain and get frustrated because they don't hear you. Stop talking. NO Contact!
Learn these terms No Contact & Narcissistic Supply.

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