Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The REAL Reason Phaedra Parks was Fired?

For weeks rumors have been swirling about the reasons Phaedra Parks may not be asked back for the new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta [click here if you missed that].

Is the REAL reason much more simple...

Insiders tell Radar Online
“Phaedra was not renewed because she wasn’t willing to share her true personal life. Producers have been begging her to date and open up about what truly went on in her marriage to Apollo [Nida] and react to Apollo’s girlfriend.”
“Phaedra’s storyline just doesn’t warrant her $1.3 million paycheck.”
“The network has reassured Phaedra that she is always welcome to appear in future installments as a guest.”


Anonymous said...

Wow. The get paid that much?

Anonymous said...

^ Not from what I heard.

D L said...

I think that number is wrong, but maybe that includes other stuff, don't know if they get a cut if ad money. He'll shes a lawyer I'm sure she knows how to haggle a contract. Her net worth for 2015 was 2 million and its now 3 million. Bravo pays her 300k per season but she also gets a potential bonuses of 75k now Kandi makes 450k per episode.

Magnus 21 Gunz said...

Im 97% sure Phaedra planted this story.

Anonymous said...

So, BRAVO had no problem with her lying and saying a fellow cast member intended to commit criminal sexual assault but did with that she was not sharing enough of her personal life?

Anonymous said...

Kandi Burruss
Paid Per Season: $1.9 million
Estimated Net Worth: $35 million

Kenya Moore
Paid Per Season: $1.4 million
Estimated Net Worth: $800K

Phaedra Parks
Paid Per Season: $1.3
Estimated Net Worth: $2 million

Cynthia Bailey
Paid Per Season: $1.2 million; Ex-husband Peter Thomas got $20K
Estimated Net Worth: $500K - Peter's net worth is estimated. at $3 Million)

Sheree Whitfield
Paid Per Season: $800K
Estimated Net Worth: $100,000

Porsha Williams-Stewart
Paid Per Season: Unconfirmed est. $700K
Estimated Net Worth: $500K

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tea 9:37am. And 8:41 that was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

When are they going to bring to light the fact that DJ Nabs (ATL Dj) is truly the biological father of Phaedra's 2nd Child, (Dylan/Mr President)?? He looks just like him... same hairline...only Dylan has Phaedra's skin color.

Google DJ NABS and see for yourself. Everyone in the A knows it. That would be a great truth to unearth on the show, and a great reason for Apollo to use as a reason for divorce.

Your Highness said...

@10:50 they need a DNA test cuz that baby looks like the both of them. I must admit he looks more like Nida than the other guy.

Anonymous said...

I agree 10:50

Anonymous said...

9:37 AM is FALSE. She/He copied and pasted that from that fraudulent site Celebrity Net Worth. LOL! I've been told from celebrity insiders that that site is used to mislead the masses and yall fall for it everytime. Yes Kandi and Kenya are the highest paid, but their net worth is more than what's listed.

Anonymous said...

At 12:56..Of course its a copy and paste. I never said it wasn't and I didn't get from celebrity net worth.

Anonymous said...

12:56.BTW...Its from Forbes, which is very reliable.

Anonymous said...

She wasnt fired. I wont believe until Andy confirms it...which he STILL hasnt done.

Anonymous said...

Too pitiful

Anonymous said...

@ 9:37's post:

(Cynthia's)Estimated Net Worth: $500K - Peter's net worth is estimated. at $3 Million

There is NO WAY Peter is worth more than Cynthia. NO WAY.

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