Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Troy Ave Exposes the Snakes In His Circle

Earlier this year rapper Troy Ave was cleared on murder charges in the death of his bodyguard Ronald 'Banga' McPhatter [click here if you missed that].

Troy releases video from the infamous shooting and exposes snakes in his inner circle...

we really got betrayed and backstabbed by people we showed nothing but genuine love to. I need all y'all to pay close attention to ya circle cause I don't want this to happen to y'all on No Level! this $hit is shameful! Fake friends was jus pretend! same ones who post #RipBanga wouldn't even help him when he needed them most #hovain aka #HovRan & #YoungLeaveTheBro are conniving, Liars, Cowards, Snakes & Fruads but they hid it well, I saw glimpses of who they really were but chose to ignore it cause my loyalty was limitless! They want some people to believe that I switched up and started acting funny style with them, they want others to believe that we all good and it's okay to do business with them in my name, but neither one is the case. Jus imagine I was dead?! Nobody would ever know the truth and they would go thru life with fake RIP's and using my name for sympathy & financial gain ... nah that ain't GODS plan! I'm moving righteous and my heart pure so anybody who go against me will never prosper, cause who GOD bless no man can curse! #RealEyesRealizeRealLies #TheyLoyaltyHadLegsImLikeDamnWhereItWent song: 🎶#NeverSwitch (cause it's so fitting) this might be the last time I speak bout this shit, back to this real music
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Anonymous said...

Well, duh. Who's surprised?

Look at Boosie who was in a similar situation: There's a reason he cleaned out his camp, moved away, and streamlined his operation. Having too many people in and out of your life and in your business affairs is plain dumb. If you're lucky, you can count your real "friends" on one hand.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is this nobody??!?!?

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