Friday, June 16, 2017

Aisha Tyler Leaving The Talk

Actress Aisha Tyler dissolves into tears while saying goodbye to The Talk after six years on the air...


Anonymous said...

Did they fire her? She has to pay her ex~husband now no job. Dang!

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

No@7:30....she wasn't fired. She's actually quite busy. She's on Criminal minds as well as a star on What's My Line on the CW and she has a movie coming out she directed.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Someone who doesn't live paycheck to paycheck at some dead end cubicle job.

Anonymous said...

Whatever. I have my own career moves to be concerned with.

Anonymous said...

Never watched this show in my life.


Anonymous said...

That over dramatic mess...
I can't stand fake crying.
This chick is SO fake and she talks too much.

Who hyperventilates about their decision to "quit" a job ?
ESPECIALLY if it is for better opportunities.
Makes no sense at all.

Who's line is it show on CW is stupid and corny. No wonder they picked the corniest black man & woman to be on that show.
Aisha & Wayne are not funny at all so they fit in perfectly.

This actress was working her way up to that crying performance from the second she opened her mouth.

Notice only that coon Sheryl Underwood fell for it. The others didn't even react because they knew what was up.
People who rush to console others when the cameras are rolling do it because they are attention seeking also.

The white people that she sought to impress didn't even buy into it.

Bye Aisha.

dgrrl said...

And don't forget voicing Archer

Anonymous said...

BYE 9:09 AM

Anonymous said...

^ @ 12:21

For what ???

Because you were offended by the Truth

That's on you Babe.

Like I said, Bye Aisha

Anonymous said...

Man. People don't like her. She seems like a nice girl and this seemed dramatic But the bish is an actress.
So what you never seen the show obviously many have and the bish is getting checks from it. And so what if she and Wayne are corney. There's plenty of corney black folks as we are all very diverse But still connected. Geeze what she do to you?

Anonymous said...

^ @ 3:30

The million dollar question is
What did I do to YOU ?

You are clearly taking personal offense to my views about this fake Aisha broad.

So that tells me that YOU relate to her wackness or identify with her fake personality

If that's you, then be you.

One person will not appeal to Everybody.

Some like her and some don't but we are all entitled to our opinions.

Why attack me for stating my opinion?

Yeah, Black people are diverse like any other race. It has nothing to do with race and more to do with being a disingenuous person.

Gabby Union is the Valley girl type but she is genuine to who she is as a person.

Aisha is a phony & it's obvious.

I don't know ANYBODY who watches The Talk or Who's line is it anyway.
Corny shows are for corny people. IMO

BUT since you want to make it about race
Perhaps you should check out the "white" blogs and their comments on her most recent "performance"

Oops! I mean announcement on the Talk.

They are calling her a three dollar bill too

Anonymous said...

Least she got the time to do a "perfrmance" and spending time in family court fighting community dick(s) for child support money like your azz 4:55.

Anonymous said...

And 4:55, stop speaking on people that got more education and money than you.

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