Monday, June 12, 2017

Bachelor in Paradise Shut Down Over Sexual Misconduct

Last week Demario Jackson was ejected from The Bachelorette house after his girlfriend confronted him on the show [click here if you missed that].

Now Demario is causing chaos on Bachelor in Paradise...

According to reports filming on The Bachelor in Paradise was shut down this weekend after Demario and The Bachelor season 21 villain Corrine Olympios were filmed performing sex acts in the pool.

From TMZ
Last Sunday -- the first day of production at a Mexican resort -- DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios were told by producers one of the story lines would be the 2 of them hooking up ... especially entertaining because both are considered villains from previous shows.
We're told the 2 met at the bar and the alcohol was flowing. DeMario says Corinne jumped in his lap and started making out with him. We're told there was lots of "intense rubbing."
DeMario says Corinne then suggested they retreat to the pool, with the cameras rolling. They took off their clothes, started making out and "rubbing, touching and fingering." He says she put her genitals in his face and he began licking, but we're told this allegation is a big point of contention and others disagree with his account. He says he was not able to engage in intercourse because of the alcohol.
DeMario says the next day everything was fine and he and Corrine were actually getting along well, but on Tuesday they were called in by the Executive Producer and told one of the show producers had seen the film and was "uncomfortable" with what was shot.
A formal complaint was filed with Warner Bros. and the production was immediately suspended.


Anonymous said...

why are they shocked that this would happen? sounds like the show has served its purpose and united these two freaks together in freakdom! at least the brotha had witnesses!

D L said...


Anonymous said...

So basically she got freaky with a Black guy and regretted her family and any potential boyfriends might she her straight heauxing and went to the producers with that "consent" BS. (Consent and motive are important but you can't pretend you weren't down later because you regret acting like a skeezer...Yep, a 1997 skeezer.

Whatever, show looks wack AF anyway. Who watches this stuff?

Anonymous said...

He got sent home b/c he ate the box?!?

Anonymous said...

Sooooo they were uncomfortable with the footage but not uncomfortable enough to not film it when the situation started? In my Kathy Bates voice from American Horror Story: COVEN "Lieeeessssss."

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

This dude wants to be famous so bad. They should have had his girlfriend pop up again while he was getting his freak on.

Chrissy Snow said...

I call BS. If the producers were so uncomfortable they could have broken that mess up before things got out of hand. Sounds like a Pr stunt to me.

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