Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Beyonce and JAY-Z Struggling to Find a Home

Insiders claim JAY-Z and Beyonce still haven't found a home in LA after more than two years of searching...

From TMZ
Jay-Z, Beyonce and their 3 kids are living large in Malibu this summer, but the clock is ticking for them and come fall they will scramble again for a place to live.
Real estate sources tell TMZ the $400,000-a-month Malibu estate they're renting is just for the summer.
Our real estate sources say the Carters have been frustrated because their search -- which has gone on for several years -- has hit a stumbling block, and the stumbling block is cash. We're told their budget is around $75 million, give or take a few mil. It sounds nuts, but they can't find a place they love for the amount they're willing to spend.
As one well-connected source puts it, "They want a super baller, crazy estate, and the ones they love are going for $150 mil."