Monday, June 19, 2017

Bill Cosby Confident He Will Be Acquitted

Over the weekend comedian Bill Cosby's closely watched sexual assault trial ended in a hung jury [click here if you missed that].

The prosecutor has already vowed to retry the case and Bill Cosby is ready...

Bill Cosby's lawyer tells Good Morning America,
"What I would say to all of Mr. Cosby's fans and some of the folks on the other side of this, we have a wonderful criminal justice system in this country."
"Trust it, believe in it, and I'm confident that if this case is retried, he'll be acquitted."


Anonymous said...

This coochie-snatcher needs to be in jail.
Idc if he's 1,000 years old or not.

Anonymous said...

SMH @ the shit that he admitted to doing.

prissa o said...

He needs to sit down and be humble, for real. Even if this was a real and sincere hung jury (which I doubt), all it takes is for the right people to be paid off (or threatened) next time.

He's being too bold and brazen. He needs to be thankful because he knows he did that shit.

I have my own conspiracy theory as to what went down, and I'm quite sure he's had elite protection all this time. He learned from the best (MK techniques he learned during his time at Walter Reed Medical Center and when he went to the Naval Station in Argentina - the same country that took in the most Nazi scientists (9K) of all the South American countries). Everyone knew he was doing this and others participated - doesn't make it right, but just know there is a bigger ring of perpetrators. Cosby just happened to forget he was black and also got on their bad side (through trying to buy that network, or not participating in the rituals/sacrifices - who knows?).

He needs to keep his pompous mouth shut and count his blessings - but Bill has always been arrogant and he STILL hasn't learned his lesson.

HHIC said...

I'm confident he won't. He may never be found guilty, but acquitted? Not gone happen. OJ had a majority Black jury, Bill did not and will not. They don't even like Black judges presiding over Black defendants­čĄĚ­čĆ┐‍♂️ No way in this post OJ era will they make the "mistake" of giving Black defendants a jury of their true peers. Folks who know their true plight. As rich as Cosby may be, his peers are more than "affluent" folks. Anyway, ain't gone happen...

Anonymous said...

@Prissa, No one was paid off lol There are very strong opinions for/against Cosby. This was just a bad case to take to court because all jurors are now tainted by all the various information prior to the trial. Many potential jurors will have very opposite views of the situation.

@HHIC, I think you underestimate the number of white men who could care less about rape...even when it's their own precious white womenz. This jury was comprised of mostly white males.

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