Monday, June 05, 2017

Bill Maher Apologizes for Using the N-Word

Over the weekend talk show host Bill Maher caused a firestorm after calling himself a house-nigga during Real Time with Bill Maher [click here if you missed that].

He has since issued an apology...


Chrissy Snow said...

Check out the wording, this is not an apology. Bill is saying that he regrets saying what he said on LIVE television.
White liberals tend to be the most racist people out there and Bill is one of them. He should be fired and blackballed ASAP.

DeepSeas said...


Great point.

He didn't apologize at all. What's funny is he said the word "regret" twice. He had the opportunity within that wordy statement to say "I apologize..." for his offensive words.

I guess he thinks since he let a South African replace him on The Daily Show, he has free range to use the word as he pleases.

I agree, the liberals are racist but put up a front like they are for the cause/struggle.

Billione said...

@6:24 AM

You have your white guys mixed up. Bill Maher didn't host the Daily Show. That was Jon Stewart. Point taken, though.

DeepSeas said...



The Jews in Hollywood starting to all look alike.

Ron said...

You men the fake Jews in Hollyweird.

Anonymous said...

Then u got hypocriticals ninjas like david alan grier talking bout he knows black pu**y but doesnt know black people. Negro your wife is non black so its the reverse for you!

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is making these White comedians get stupid & lose their minds I.e. Kathy Griffin. Shame because it was Donald Trump in court documentation actually discriminated. He wouldn't sell or rent to Black people in his buildings. I know I should be mad but I'm more angry at real discrimination that affects my life.

Anonymous said...

I'm still going to support Bill Maher.

It was a joke. If you don't like white people saying "Nigga" then go hard at the rappers and actors and writers who use it then we won't have white people thinking it's ok to say it because it's in a song or a TV show. Ban it for EVERYONE.

I hope all of you that are so outraged and energized about Bill Maher saying "Nigga" take your outraged and energized Black asses to the voting booth in November 2018.

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