Monday, June 05, 2017

Carmelo Anthony Upset After Chris Rock Flirts with His Wife

Carmelo Anthony upset after Chris Rock flirts with Melo's estranged wife La La on the Wendy Williams Show...

During his segment when Wendy brought up Carmelo and La La Anthony's divorce Chris Rock joked,
'If La La is interested in going short next time...La La is bad, woo! Hey, they're married; you're not supposed to mess with other team's players. But she's hot though!'
Carmelo was not amused.

After the segment aired insiders tell The Daily Mail,
"Carmelo was really upset."
"He sent a text to several of his friends asking "Did y'all see this bulls**t? This n**** on TV trying to scoop up my wife. 'He then called famed film director Spike Lee to tell him to tell Chris to back off before it became a problem." 


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Boys and girls the key word is: Estranged.

Laa soul said...

Oh please Carmelo. Have you seen Chris Rocks' girlfriend?? I saw the interview and he was clearly joking. I bet you his girlfriend was unbothered by it. That's what comedians do. Make jokes.

Kneegrows kill me with the new found jealousy when another man give the slightest appearance that they are checking for their ex. He should have thought about that before sleeping with jump offs groupies and allegedly having a side baby.

Everybody knows this kneegrow had to practically be dragged down the aisle to marry Lala so he can save all that noise for all I care.

Anonymous said...

Another FAKE story to make people care about Lala. It's not working hun.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Mail???? Hmmm they are hit or miss. I am not buying this story. Melo aint threatened by fug ass Chris. Bye.

Anonymous said...

@9:26 nailed it!
Who they think they fooling?

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