Thursday, June 29, 2017

John McEnroe Doubles Down on Serena Williams

Earlier this week tennis great Serena Williams blasted retired tennis player John McEnroe after he said she would be ranked 700th if she played with men [click here if you missed that].

John clarifies his statement but is not backing down...

In a sit down Stephen Colbert on the Late Show John explains,
"We were talking to someone on NPR radio and she said something to the effect, she was asking about Serena, and I said, 'Serena Williams is the greatest female tennis player that ever lived and I think she's absolutely tremendous. She followed up with, 'Why do you have to say female tennis player? Isn't she the greatest tennis player that ever lived?' And I just said, 'Well wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, hang on a second here. If we're going to talk about that, you get into a little different category.'"
"Do they say that about girl basketball players, that they're as good as Michael Jordan, for example?" 
"People always ask me, 'Can you beat Serena Williams?. My girls don't think I could beat her now. I thought I could beat her. She's pregnant, so maybe I should play her now. I'd have a better chance.
"But either way, I wish her the absolute best. She's the best thing that's happened to American tennis in the last 10 to 15 years."


Anonymous said...

Both these folks are attention whoring. Neither are relevant to their sport right now (Serena's pregnant, John is old) so this is how they garner attention.


Anonymous said...

I read the interview. She and the public took it out of context to fuel racist outcries.
The man gave her props by saying she was the greatest female player.
The interviewer kept asking him to say she was the best overall, man or woman, which was stupid IMO.
He doubled down and told the interviewer if he wanted to call it like that and be TECHNICAL, and rank her amongst both women and MEN, THAT SHED be 700th and shit.
I can't stand McEnroe, but this here is B.S. designed to cause drama and distraction. Why Serena responded the way she did, who knows. I hate this country.

Anonymous said...

This has been taken completely out of context. Read the whole article. He actually was praising her when the interviewer asked the dumb question. He never said anything negative about her.

Anonymous said...

It's like someone saying Layla Ali was the best boxer overall.
Umm, no because shed get her ass kicked by Tyson, Floyd, Tito and whoever else...and by Anne Wolf btw.

Anonymous said...

First poster. Serena just beat TWO people recently while is she not relevant in her sport? I'll wait.....Im not a fan, but I hate people talking shyt when they dont know what they are talking about.

Anonymous said...


Oh word? I wasn't aware. I follow the news, apparently Serena aint getting enough press since she's publicly arguing with some hasbeen over some BS.

Anonymous said...

Simple answer is men have more upper body strength than women and that is a fact, but it does not have anything to do with her being the GOAT!

Anonymous said...

@9:57 - Yup, I believe it was the Australian Open. She has always been vocal when she feels disrespected and I feel she has every right. She stays in her lane, wins her matches and does HER. She and her fiance are making/worth MILLIONS so Im sure she isnt concerned with lack of press!
And John McEnroe may be a 'hasbeen' according to you, but he too is a MILLIONAIRE. I will be a hasbeen with his net worth any day of the week!

Chrissy Snow said...

Thank you: 8:46 & 8:48
This is why most major high profile people stopped giving interviews. Any hack can grab the back end of a clear explanation and blow the shit up into a "major" story. Same thing happened with that Samuel Jackson quote regarding British actors.
The headlines from so called reputable media sources are ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Better to be a "has been" & millionaire than to be a "never been" & broke.

Anonymous people going off about millionaires about who is relevant.

Anonymous said...


Serena/Mcenroe why so upset? Mad because yalls card was pulled for your STUNT queening? Yes we saw that hideous Vanity Fair cover, yes we know you have a book out.


Anonymous said...

These damn 'feminists' try to pull their multi culti grrl power stunts to kick up some shit. When are folks going to learn that these femnisists can scream their 'equality thing all they damn like but in reality they're still supporting white privilege.
I don't think the "700" thing was necessary out what I read he didn't lie.

Anonymous said...

Look, Serena won the 2017 Australian open majors title while 3 months pregnant and sits at number one for over 3 years. She has 23 majors title, second most to Margret Court an"Australian" who has 24. Which is more title than any male or female. In her field who happens to be an American. she will ALWAYS be relevant ! And her come back after pregnancy I am sure will win another major or two surpassing Margaret Court 24 titles which has been the record for over 40 years. WHEN Serena passes that record (2) titles away she will hold the most grand slams held by any male or female in tennis history. I don't have to be a feminist to exalt a black woman who has changed the face and history of "lawn tennis" an alleged white sport ! #Serena is G.O.A.T !!

Anonymous said...

He sounds like a sexist, chauvinistic, misogynist old bastard. I swear, sometimes men make the world a shitty place to live in.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:01 EXACTLY

EVERYBODY knows that Serena is a Woman who manhandles her opponents.

She is the GOAT # Fact

It is undeniable....

This dude was honest enough to admit this

They are trying to blow this out of proportion and put a spin on it.

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