Friday, June 16, 2017

Nick Gordon's Girlfriend Cooperates with Fulton County DA

Last week Bobbi Kristina Brown's ex-boyfriend Nick Gordon was arrested in Sanford, FL for brutally assaulting his girlfriend Laura Leal [click here if you missed that].

Now Leal has become involved in the investigation of Bobbi Kristina's death...

According to reports Laura Leal was questioned by the Fulton County DA this week in connection with Bobbi Kristina's death and authorities called her interview 'very fruitful.'

The DA tells People Mag,
“It’s our goal to reach the truth in the matter. We believe the interview today has moved us closer to that goal.”
Bobbi Kristina's battered body was found submerged in a bathtub in the townhouse she shared with Nick Gordon, and died after languishing in a coma for six months without ever regaining consciousness [click here if you missed that].

Nick was later found legally responsible for her death after he refused to appear in court to testify under oath.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I smell a set up - done deal

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same damn thing. SET-UP!!!

Anonymous said...

Yup. We all know that illuminati agents killed BK to further set up the shadow government's power. These cave devils got it all planned out. Learn about yourself.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Set up by nick and his crazy antics; you don't get away with murder and you can't hide from yourself. He got away with it, and went on to abuse another woman.

Got'em; cry set up if you want to, but had this man not been in BK's life, BK would still be alive. And had Whitney not invited this louse into her home, her daughter would not have hooked up with such a loser -- his own parents didn't want up and Whitney took him in and he ended up being at the scene of mother and daughter both drowned in a bath tub. What are the chances of mother and daughter both drowning in a bath tub and one person present for and at both scenes of the crime.

When He found out that he wasn't in the will, he began an incestuous relationship just to get at Whitney's money. Whitney raised them as brother and sister, only to have them sleeping together after she passed.

Set up my behind; the only one setting up was Nick, and he failed. He failed his parents. He failed Whitney. He failed Bobbi Kris and he failed his current girlfriend by putting his paws on her as well.

Set up my butt!

Tippie Toes said...


Anonymous said...

Oh how deep the rabbit hole goes... More then likely TPTB used nick gordon & rayj to get rid of whitney as well as her crackbaby offspring and that is why nick is still walking around free as a bird. The crackbaby was becoming a nuisance and wasn't useful to TPTB to say the least.

nick completed his assignment. However the Rain man isn't trustworthy and can and will turn on even the most dysfunctional and obedient of servants, if one doesn't continue to abide by his laws. It is a prerequisite that a puppet remains sinful and dysfunctional, mock god and intentionally and publicly break the commandments at all times. All his puppets know this.

Now I've said too much. Good day.

prissa o said...

She looks like a drug user.

And I hope the get Nick's ass - literally and figuratively.

Anonymous said...

@8:55, I was going to post the same earlier but the family and I went out for dinner. Yes indeed, the young lady looks as though she enjoys her cocaine.

Unknown said...

Who is tptb?

Anonymous said...

Y do ppl keep saying she raised him he didn't come into Whitney's life until he was 17 please . Whitney's was looking for a replacement for Bobby in their lives. Sad she took on a loser.

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