Friday, June 23, 2017

Peter Tosh's Son Beaten Into a Coma in Jail

The family of Peter Tosh want answers after his son ends up in a coma while serving time on pot charges...

From Page Six
The family of the late reggae icon and marijuana activist Peter Tosh is seeking answers after they say his son was left in a coma following an attack in a New Jersey jail, where he was serving a six-month sentence on pot possession charges.
Jawara McIntosh has been hospitalized since suffering traumatic brain injuries in the attack in February at the Bergen County jail, where he was after pleading guilty to marijuana possession, his family said.
The family is planning to sue the county.


Anonymous said...

1) The Drug War is just a means to generate revenue

2) There are ton of people in jail with nothing to live for who will ruin the lives of people who have more than them, so try to avoid jail

3) Don't do drugs, but if you must, tuck your weed UNDER your balls, not just down your pants

4) If you get caught get the BEST lawyer you can afford!!!! It's literally a matter of life and death

Anonymous said...

Where are the pro-cannabis advocates?

prissa o said...

So sad. I'm speechless.

Anonymous said...

Jails/prisons...the place where the murderers, pick-pocketers, rapists, pedophiles, drug users, drug pushers and jay walkers all live under one roof together and are rarely separated.

iketernr said...

I'd like to hang with you. Knowledge is indeed power.
Stay out of jail and harms way.
Keep your hands at 10 and 2 when stopped by the po Poland turn on all the lights in the car at night.

Anonymous said...

2:41! There you have it...

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