Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Rob Kardashian Lied About Mehgan James to Keep the Peace with Blac Chyna?

Last month Rob Kardashian denied dating Bad Girls Club Mehgan James after rumors swirled the two were hooking up [click here if you missed that].

Did Rob lie about Meghan to keep Blac Chyna from going off...?

Kardashian insiders tell People Magazine,
“The whole Meghan drama was bizarre. They were seeing each other. But Rob clearly was thinking that he wanted to get back with Chyna too.”
“Any talk about Rob dating will make Chyna lose it. It seems Rob was denying to keep peace with Chyna.”
Meanwhile the source insists Rob and Chyna are NOT back together.


Anonymous said...

Denies Dating ??????

You mean denies GETTING USED !

Nobody is thinking about this Fat Boy.

Women see him as a Paycheck & that's it.

All that Money yet he refuses to take advantage of getting a personal trainer and a nutritionist... Absolutely Ridiculous.

He isn't ugly, just too damn Fat.

Anonymous said...

Uhm Famelous is reporting that Rob went off because he found out Chyna was seeing someone else and called her a broke hoe who can't afford to give her mama money.

They deserve each other.

Anonymous said...

Chyna DOES NOT want it with Mehgan. Meghan will beat the brakes off of her -- Rob, and any of the KarTRASHians. Mehgan's got hands and work!!!

Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:


I went and read that post on Famelous.

So I guess that Chyna app and all those club appearances aren't paying her bills....Rob is paying all that.

Anonymous said...

Why would CHYNA wanna get back with him after she has check mated the whole family. She has baby Dream and that is all she needs. Dream is her forever meal ticket so I don't even think she cares about Rob dating another female.

Laa soul said...

Oh puleeasseeee, PMK pr machine put that out there to make it seem like Chyna is really checking for him instead of basically using him to get back at that family, which I'm believing more and more.

And btw, whatever happened to that life coach his momma hired to get Rob on the right track?

I guess it's not helping much.....

Sunni Daze said...

@11:01 City Bitches can fight too. Chyna is DC hood bitch not LA

Tippie Toes said...

@2:20 Correct

Anonymous said...


Didn't say Chyna couldn't fight.
But IMO, Meghan will fuck her up.

There's also a bunch of "hood bitches" that can't fight worth a damn, just all mouth; and vice versa....

Anonymous said...

@4:58 you sound like you are into fighting in the hood & embarrassing yourself.

On topic: Rob and China's relationship is fake

prissa o said...

"Any talk about Rob dating will make Chyna lose it"

What a load of horseshit! More fake PR nonsense. NEXT!

Anonymous said...

9:52 is right....how about the surgery!... thas more his speed.... But he scared of what she'll doin during his down time aka... ehen he REALLY can't get OFF TBE COUCH...boy bye...he rather sit on his FAT Arse & let his momma write Chyna a CHECK to ���� look@em

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that post on fameolous. TMZ would have been all over it. NEVER FORGET: for PMK ALLLLLLLLLLLL publicity is good publicity. R & C been lowkey and PMK don't like that at all. I call fake on all this shit. Rob is pussy whipped and he knew she was a hoe when he met her and that ain't stop him from pumping babies into her on site.

And where pray tell does Rob have money to buy ferraris and lambos???????? all the while sitting on his ass????

Anonymous said...

@ 6:11

What are you mad about? You sound like you're lonely and no one pays any attention to you, so you get on the internet to pick fights with strangers who aren't even attacking you personally.

Also, you think you're witty, but just come off like a cunt.

Have a nice day, bitch.

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