Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tiny Harris and Trina Featured on Being

On the next season of Being on Centric Tiny Harris opens up about her divorce from rapper T.I...

In a preview for the upcoming season of Being Tiny Harris candidly speaks about her impending divorce.

Also featured on Being this season are rapper Trina, gospel singer CeCe Winans, r&b singer Chante Moore, Tracey Edmonds and actress Salli Richardson.

Being premiers on Centric June 10, 2017 with Trina.


Anonymous said...

Being what? Irrelevant?

Anonymous said...

Kickback huh Snitch.

Angela Peterson said...

I was a Team Tiny until I saw her on Growing Up HipHop Atlanta running up on Deb to hold up Reginae in her wrong. These moms that back up kids when they know they're wrong will be crying when they get their ass kicked, locked up, or ran through. Zonnique is nothing like Reginae. THANK GOD. So why would support the antics? Talking about who her dad is. Wayne is a druggie who git caught slipping. The kissed him in the mouth and stole all his money. Toya needed to raise him and Reginae. You failed at Wayne, save Reginae and teach her to be quiet sometimes and BE HUMBLE!

Anonymous said...

Let me guess..The Kardashians are probably what you call relevant smh

Ma'at Morris said...

Why do Tiny look so hood she is jus so hard she need to soften up take that dye out of her hair take off all those tatoos everybody else on here looks pretty descent and she need to take a speech class a true example of money and no class

Anonymous said...

@ Angela Patterson

Amen !!!

Reginae is a spoiled brat who feels entitled to talk to & come at grown folks like she is grown.

BUT when she gets checked & put in her place THEN she wants to cry to Mama...

I had a niece like that and I checked the Hell out of her ass.

Like Reginae she went crying to her mother and my sister tried that same dumb crap that Toya did. She tried & failed.

Needless to say, my niece NEVER came at me sideways again.

You HAVE to put them in there place.

Also I think Tiny came to show "support" for the sake of family per the producers instructions to hype up drama.

You see that Zonnique is a LOT more respectful

Anonymous said...

I like to hear people share about their journey in life.

It's therapeutic to get it out and
Inspiring to hear.

You never know what people have been through
Looks like this will be interesting.

Chante Moore needs to put some clothes ON.
At least Tiny was covered up.

Cee cee can sing BUT pastor??? Really???
The church has become such a business.
All you have to do is take a couple of courses at a local church & abide by church pokitics and BAM. They will give you the title of "Ordained Minister" just like that.
It's totally unscriptural.

Sally made an interesting point about the whole Halle Berry issue.

Trina is hard for me to take serious because she has always rapped about THAT Life.
But maybe there is more to it.

We'll see...

Anonymous said...

^ Church POLITICS^

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