Thursday, June 01, 2017

Tyga Begging Kylie Jenner for Another Chance?

Back in April rapper Tyga and Kylie Jenner called it quits [click here if you missed that].

Has Tyga been drunk texting Kylie begging her to take him back...?

Sources close to the reality star tell Ok Magazine 
“Kylie can’t stand it. She kind of felt sorry for him earlier on, but not since he’s been partying like a madman."
"She’s threatened to block his number and change hers but she can’t because he still owes her a lot money."
"She wakes up to a string of drunken messages, some angry, some begging her to take him back. He’s totally heart-broken and it comes out when he’s had too much to drink.”


Anonymous said...

R in NYC says:

Bwahahahaha...Go work at UPS Tyga...Somewhere....Damn.

Partying like a rock star but broke as sh*t.

Anonymous said...

Soft sissy sucka

Anonymous said...

Girl, he don't want you! He misses those paychecks, he pimped you and now everyone knows. Every other dude realizes you're a cash cow and they want some too.

You have used doctors to transform you into something culturally that does not fit your face or frame. It's a shame to see your mother stand by and see you fuck up yourself because your trying to emulate what you're not. Love yourself and then allow a man to come into your life, instead of them wanting to use the fuck out of you. Their mother has brainwashed them into thinking they have to be in a relationship and with anybody. She did that by setting a shitty example of what love is.

Laa soul said...

Well what what he gonna do? He needs his bankroller/sugar momma. As for Kylie if she thinks for a second she's gonna get one dime of that money back then she really is dumb.

Anonymous said...

I think he wants to get back with her so he can knock her up....that way they will always be connected.

Anonymous said...

he starving to death and need's taken care of nobody else wants to take care of him because his career is dead!! More than dead it's been cremated and getting a job well that's asking to much that could never happen

Anonymous said...

Correction: Take him and his unpaid debt back.

Anonymous said...

tell him I'll take you back but you need to pay me back 100% of the money you owe and prove you can live on your own for one full year and pay all your own bills. hahahahahhaha that will never happen!

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