Monday, June 19, 2017

Tyra Banks Shares a Picture of Her Son

Back in January Tyra Banks announced she'd secretly had her first child via surrogate [click here if you missed that].

Tyra shares a picture of her baby boy for Father's Day...


Anonymous said...

He looks just like Tyra.

Anonymous said...

No comment.

Anonymous said...

She should have kept him a secret.


LMBAO @ 8:14 hahahahahahahah

Anonymous said...

Damn he look just like Tyra! Wonder how much she paid the sperm donor.

DeepSeas said...

The self hate is real.

She clearly selected a white sperm donor, and the baby still looks weird. But as long as it looks white right?

HHIC said...

I'm pretty certain it wasn't a sperm She's been with a white man for quite some time🤷🏿‍♂️ He's a photographer I believe. I can't be mad at a Black woman who gave it her all when it comes to dating brothas. We saw Tyra with plenty. It just never worked out. I think her infertility issues played a role in the demise of her relationship with Webber🤔 Either way he's a cute kid who looks just like his mom👍🏿

Anonymous said...

How bout those yankees

Anonymous said...


Chris Webber likes men.

ouzad said...

Amen @ 9:22

Laa soul said...

Yes Tyra's baby daddy is reportedly a photographer and if memory serves me, her kid looks a lot like his dad as well.

MsD said...

@ 8:14 lmmao

Your Highness said...

Awwweee he is so cutie!!

prissa o said...

He reminds me of Justin Guarini from the 1st American Idol.

Anonymous said...

@11:39 yep!

dgrrl said...

I see her mom

Anonymous said...

Ummmm.... Nice weather we're having... so... umm... yeah....

Anonymous said...

When was tyra pregnant???

You should never leave a baby in a wet shirt, he could catch a cold. He may be teething so he probably drools a lot so I understand.

Change the boy's shirt and often. Dirty, wet and blue, ha ha...

Anonymous said...

@ 9:22/ HHIC

I understand your POV and agree to a point.
BUT if it was all about having a child by surrogate, she could've did the same thing with a brotha...

Getting into a relaionship with a white man
does not ensure life long relationship security. It just doesn't.

It "might" last longer but is not guaranteed to be permanent. Just ask:

Halle Berry
Garcielle B.
Aisha Tyler
And Tyka Sumpter in a couple of months

Dealing with ANY man
You're taking a chance & that's life.

It Looks like Tyra just wanted to guarantee that she had a "light skin" kid.

No different from what Phaedra did by getting with Apollo IMO

I think some commenters are being harsh in stating their opinions on his looks and I don't agree with that because their is beauty in all shades.

He DEFINITELY has her original nose.
And that is OK because he is supposed to be a mixture of his parents.

Anonymous said...

Actually, he has her forehead, nose & lips.

For the commenters attacking his looks
I disagree.
I'll bet he grows up to be very Handsome.

Anonymous said...

That baby looks like he was born in 1983 addicted to crack or something. In my Robin Harris voice "ya test tube baby"! Ole hard face baby alien baby

Anonymous said...

That baby looks like Benjamin Franklin, all he needs is petticoat and a hat.

Anonymous said...

He's cute, but that Norwegian blood was no bueno for this mixture. He looks like an old man.

Anonymous said...

For many yearsTyra waged an aggressive war on her nose, I'd say her nose has had the last laugh.
I don't see good looks in this sweet baby's future, his mother is vapid we an only hope that there is intelligence on his dad's side of things.

As for IR relationships, very few hollywood relationships last. I takes a level of maturity that most stars and industry people don't have.
However when it comes to regular people, recent statistics revealed that black women with white men had marriages 200% LESS likely than Wm/ww to fail and BM/BW were 40% MORE likely to divorce then wm/ww.
So from a numbers perspective, the BW/WM seem to be winning.

But of course not every bw or wm is good spouse material. I personally think tyra is too vain to love anyone healthily.

James Patterson said...

Y'all are sure putting a lot of intention on something you have no idea about. The FACTS are Tyra realized she wasn't getting any younger and decided she needed to "shit or get off the pot" so she and her LONGTIME partner (who HAPPENED to be white) decided to have a baby.

Now I'm not saying that that light skin/right skin shit doesn't happen but I think assigning it to Tyra is a reach as she's been with numerous enough of brothers,

Anonymous said...

I see why she kept him hidden. There's a song "you must have been a beautiful baby, but baby look at you now.." it's supposed to mean that cute babies often grow up to be average or hideous adults. And ugly weird looking kids grow into their looks and become stunning. I remember when Suri was born and I found not believe how odd looking and ugly she was. Fast forwards 10 years and she has grown into such a beautiful little girl. The same with Halle's daughter; she was not a cute baby but I've noticed that she's starting to grow into her looks. I say this to say, in about 10-15 years we'll all be drooling over Tyra's son.. lol

Anonymous said...

mix kids are ugly. And them light eyes don't make them cute. No wonder the bible call them bastards.

Anonymous said...

Tyra look like a upgrade Wendy Williams LOL

Anonymous said...

@ 9:17 Please don't use the bible to promote your agenda

@ 9:19 Leave the drugs alone.
Tyra= super model
Wendy=tranny impersonator

It just depends.
Some go from ugly to nice looking
Some go from ugly to ugly
Some go from pretty to beautiful


King Tiny's son looks weird to me
Beyonce was a pretty baby & still is
Blu Ivy was a cute baby but not now
Suri went from ugly to pretty
Willow Jada's daughter also looks weird
Prince baby pics vs the beautiful man

We don't know what will be his future look

I did know a little girl back in the day who looked JUST like this kid when she was 10yrs old.
Honestly, it was the first time that I had ever seen a mixed person that was extremely unattractive. She looked like an albino Gorilla.

BUT for all i know she could've grew into her features later in life.

I don't think that people should talk about babies.

Anonymous said...

These comments are absolutely IGNORANT!!!! ALL OF THEM!

Anonymous said...

^ So I take it that YOU are a white or mixed person who did not like any of the opinions expressed here ( although they were not all the same ) huh ?


Black people arr allowed to have opinions too

Deal with it

Anonymous said...

Are allowed

Funny how when whites disagree with ANYBODY who is not white, they automatically call tgem ignorant.

Ignorant is Not Knnowing how to accept the opinions of others and their rights to have those opinions EVEN if you disagree.

#So Typical

mephime2016 said...

Her kid looks pissed.

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