Monday, July 31, 2017

Blac Chyna Snubs Paparazzi

Blac Chyna snubs street paps at a club booking in LA...
Blac Chyna refuses to allow paparazzi on the street to get a good shot of her as she entered Project Club in L.A. for a one hour $15k booking.


Anonymous said...

The people she's being paid 15,000 an hour to entertain are fighting for 15 dollars an hour. What a wonderful world.

Anonymous said...

Chyna love ya gal GeT That Money!! LOL

Chrissy Snow said...

Don't worry 9:38, judging from the number of people in her entourage that 15K is already spent. She better hold on to what's left because Uncle Sam will be looking for his cut.

LaShawn Hall said...

For some reason, she looks bad now. Maybe it's the choice of lipstick and hair color....tsk

Anonymous said...

I agree @6:10pm

Maybe its the new choice of men she is dating
She look like the late Lucille Ball in that

I used to kind of admire Chyna and her hustle

Even though Rob had his issues
He came from fame (his father) and money

These new losers Chyna is getting with is not a good look for her

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